Bernie Sanders is a terrorist.

I don’t say this lightly.  Yes, Sanders is a terrorist by modern day standards.  Time and again he refuses to denounce the violence, fire staffers who have been caught on tape saying things that amount to wholesale terrorism, and romanticizes dictators and communist nations.

Americans should think about what is really going on right now.  For decades we have watched the Democratic party lean further and further left and as it has done so it’s become increasingly hateful in the rhetoric used against those they consider enemies and targets to be destroyed.  We watched bombings in the past that were a result of left wing extremists.  The left attempts to deny the fact that it was leftists that created the KKK and for decades they have attempted to assert that somehow the left and right changed places to distort and rewrite the history of their party.

Democrats know how to manipulate language, history, and most of all they understand the usage of violence.  They use all the tools the accuse the right of using as a weapon to beat down the will of their victim class voters.

They tell gay people that Republicans want to round us all up and lock us up in camps, to reprogram or put us to death.  Of course these statements have never been true but you can’t tell that to leftists that claimed after Trump was elected that gay people were under threat of being locked up in camps if they didn’t come out and vote against the man in every possible election.

The left has claimed for years that they support the black community but the facts are plainly clear when you look at every major city with a poor black population concentration and how policies of the Democrats continue to oppress the black community at every turn.  Taking fathers out of the picture, leaving mothers to raise children alone.  A welfare policy achievement that people like Candace Owens, Star Parker, and a host of other conservative voices in the black community, have come out and exposed the truth and are fighting against each and every day.

So Bernie Sanders is the leftist agenda reimagined.  His supporters are brainwashed, much like Hitler achieved in Germany, and believe things that are simply not possible.  Sanders is rich beyond comprehension for a man that never worked a real job an entire day in his life.  How is it that a rich old white guy becomes the most powerful voice in the Democratic Party?  His supporters are the worst sort as we’ve seen over and over again.  They will and do resort to extreme violence.  They will harm anyone and everyone that stands in their way, especially elderly and children as we’ve seen recently.

Bernie’s blanket refusal to denounce the violence is a direct answer to who the man really is and what he’s about.  Think about it, the man loved Castro, a murderous dictator.  The man loved the USSR.  A country that oppressed and even murdered their people if it suited a political need.

So anyone who would deny that Bernie is a terrorist is ignorant to the facts of his history, the things he openly has embraced, and what he wants to impose upon the American people.

The man should never have been given a political voice.  Those who have fallen for his lies and rhetoric are willing tools for a man that has committed acts of violence against Americans by his own refusal to bring to justice those who would violate the law and commit acts of violence against others.

This is the very definition of a terrorist.  He is allowing terror to be used to beat people down and create fear.  Don’t think for a minute that if Sanders loses there won’t be violence.  His supporters have said as much.  ‘Cities will burn’ as I recall.

So there, I said it.  Bernie is a terrorist.  It might not be his hands committing the acts but he is the one pulling the strings and refuses to defuse or prevent the acts of terror his supporters regularly commit.  That by itself should be enough to disqualify him from being the president.  We don’t negotiate with terrorists.  We end them.