Trump just keeps winning, against Iran.

So Iran is always a hot topic and has been for decades now.  In the latest blow to the dictatorship the election demonstrated that the people of the country are not at all enthused about the leadership.

So who really won the election?  Donald Trump, of course.  Why?  Because Trump is doing what is right when it comes to a nation that is hellbent on acquiring nuclear weapons.  Iran has become far more aggressive in recent years and after 8 years of appeasement under Barack Obama, who decided to send pallets of cash to Iran, and now we see that the people of the country can’t even be properly threatened by their supreme lunatic to vote in the election.

For all their tough talk it’s clear that Iran is worried about Trump being re-elected.  They say that Trump won’t start a war with the country during an election year and they’re right.  Trump isn’t looking to start a war with anyone.  If they’re not worried about Trump, why are they attempting to hack the Trump campaign? 

They’re worried because his policies are hurting the stranglehold that the country has on the people.  At some point America needs to make a decision to help the Iranian people but war isn’t the solution.  Helping the people of Iran has to be a central part of any policy when dealing with a radical dictatorship like Iran.  Causing mass destruction in their country without probable cause would only harm our long term interests in seeing the people free and able to vote for their own leaders.

Thank God for a president that has the patience and insight to see the right path forward.