The Dishonest Democrat Primary

Let’s face it, Democrats out there calling for the abolishment of the Electoral College are as disingenuous as they come.  They cry about how unfair it is when the process works as it’s supposed to in order to protect democracy and balance of power in our nation yet these are the same people who have a rigged process which uses establishment Democrats as “superdelegates” in order to steer the election in the direction that party insiders want in the event of a brokered convention.

The difference between the Electoral College and the superdelegates is plain as day.  One process strikes a balance giving states a voice in the election at the behest of the population that resides in that state.  A voice of the people.

The superdelegate process in the Democratic party primary takes control away from the people and puts it in the hands of a powerful select few of the party in order to ultimately be in complete control over who the party will get behind in the general election.

Democrats have made a push in various states to take away the rights and the voices of the people in their states.  They have made a move to give their electoral votes, regardless of the votes of the people in their state, to the popular vote winner.  They did this as a result of President Trump winning the last election and at no time in history had this been done prior to his being elected to office.  This is a dangerous undermining of the Constitutional process put in place by the founders.  The electoral votes of the states were to go to the majority winner or be split based upon vote percentage, one or the other, so that the voices of the people in that state are heard as to protect state and local rights of the people.

Liberals are doing all they can to undermine democracy in America today.  Americans need to ask themselves a few questions and the very first is, at what point is enough, enough?!

At what point do Americans take up arms against a hostile actor and put down tyranny in this country?

This push to destroy the Constitution and the voices of the people as well our rights is non-stop.  So when are we going to fight back and start making things like this absolutely illegal and punish states and their politicians for violating the rights of all Americans?

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