The truth about the Wuhan Coronavirus and you..

I get it, some of you are scared. It’s not a excuse to not be informed when information is literally at your fingertips either via your phone or computer.

Trump, love him or hate him, was ahead of this if you look at accurate facts and real reports. Italy and the US both had cases at the same time based on the same information and because quarantines and screenings started as early as they did and then the travel ban that followed, the number of cases in the United States compared to Italy is exponentially lower.

Trump’s travel ban came 10 days after it was announced. Democrats started calling the travel bans racist and going after Trump on a political note time and again. Then they said he didn’t act quickly enough. Well if you compare that to Obama it was six months before Obama officially said anything regarding SARS after the HHS secretary made an announcement in April and then Obama didn’t follow up until October. 6 months compared to 10 days is a huge difference.

There’s plenty more information out there about what really happened and how it happened. China has been engaged in a full-fledged propaganda campaign to make it look like the United States is the originator when it is actually the Chinese that originated this virus because of their unhealthy and unsanitary conditions. The liberal media this country has sided with Chinese propaganda against president Trump. Once again demonstrating that the liberal fake news media in our country is the enemy of the people and will do anything for political gains.

Is this virus serious serious? Obviously it is but it still doesn’t kill nearly as many people has the flu and other diseases. How to do a little research open your eyes and look at what’s really going on instead of buying into everything you hear and see. If you hear something double check it. If you see something posted online triple check it. There’s a high rate a probability that depending upon the source the information that you get is sensationalized and motivated by political intentions.

Fears and tempers are running high. The problem is with you.  You are your own worst enemy.  So be informed, don’t impulse buy things, make sure to help others where you can, and for goodness sakes…