A new beginning.

Hello everyone!

As many of you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter know, we’ve been working towards the goal of building a new website and beginning to add new features to help expand our effort to highlight voices within the LGBT community that are conservative and libertarian thinkers and bring them directly to you, our supporters.

Currently we’ve moved to WordPress and we’re working towards the goal of building enough supporters to upgrade our current plan to a business plan that allows us to expand features to our contributors and to the public. Before we do that I’m looking to build a group of regular contributors that would like to publish content here on the site. That also includes me taking time to contribute regular material here on the site so that those of you that took the time to follow me on social media have a chance to see that I mean what I say and say what I mean. I sincerely want to earn your respect and support.

The steps I’ve taken over this last week include migrating the old site to WordPress and spending some time helping create content for a podcast with Nicholas J. Pannett from DreamTeam on Twitter. I’ve also started working on a piece highlighting Richard Thripp who is running as a Democrat for Congress in the FL06 district. There is roughly 3 hours of material that Nick has collected in audio for podcasting that will soon be available to the public. So stay tuned for that because I’m sure some people will truly enjoy and even appreciate a great deal of what we talked about.

Now, I’m just going to admit that this is a whole new experience for me using WordPress. So any of you out there that have suggestions, would like to offer any help in streamlining the site, or even those of you who truly wish to contribute your articles to this site, please feel free to contact me on social media. I’m very happy to work with anyone who can help us build upon this effort to bring LGBT conservative voices and great American patriots to all of you on a daily basis.

For now, please forgive the mess as I am learning to tweek this site and try to make it look and work for the benefit of us all.

Thank you one and all for your support, your love, and your friendship. Most of all I want to thank DreamTeam, Proud Boys, and all of my patriot friends on Twitter who have made the last 3 months a truly rewarding experience and demonstrated to me that I have a part to play in this fight that they not only support but have stood by me to defend my voice and rights as an American. I am truly honored by their friendship and I am always there to stand by them as they have me.

“Where We Go One We Go All” was inscribed on the bell on JFK’s boat. Today it is a call to all patriots and true defenders of the Constitution to come together for a greater purpose. While I do not personally subscribe to the QAnon views on all things, I believe that there is a passion for country from those that do believe and support the movement. I’m a skeptic with most things in life. So while I agree with the motivations of the movement, I don’t know if it’s real or not but I do believe it’s serving a greater good to unite conservatives and defenders of America. And that I can get behind.

So trust me when I say, where my friends and allies go I too will go. I will continue to support those who have supported me and I am grateful every day for the support from all of you that helped motivate me to make this new site happen and I’m anxious to build upon it for the sake of all here now and those to come in the future.

God bless you all and God bless America.