Let’s talk about Education.

A topic that every parents should focused on with the upcoming school year is homeschooling. Why is it important? Because as you all can see, the current education system has led to a major breakdown in civil behavior in America. Kids aren’t learning things that actually help them to learn how to become adults and assimilate into society. They’re quite literally being indoctrinated and the evidence of that has been in front of our faces for the last 20 years.

When the Department of Education became a thing under Jimmy Carter, a process to takeover and fundamentally change our education system took place. Behavior in schools started to change dramatically. Programs and standardized testing tied were tied to federal funding. Teachers were overburdened with larger class sizes, fewer resources, and less ability to correct bad behavior. Children started being taught that they were in control. That the schools had less and less authority over time and hand in hand with that was teaching children how to punish their parents using the tools of law enforcement both in and outside of the school structure.

Americans need to take control of the education of their children, now more than ever. Two generations of kids are out there right now which demonstrate they are products of a failed system to teach kids basic life skills to not only survive but also to thrive. Our schools don’t care about the quality of happiness of our children. They don’t address the social and spiritual needs of our children. They don’t teach, they indoctrinate. They program our kids rather than teach them.

A few years ago my fiance turned me on to this video and to this day I am still blown away by this young man. Logan LaPlante, a 13 year old at the time, gives a compelling Ted Talk that everyone should see and pass around. Because now, more than ever, reinventing the education of your children may be the biggest contribution we as Americans can provide for the generations of kids to come. It might very well be a way to correct course and set America back in the right direction.