UpdateD: Welcome to #TH3D3N.


Nearly two months ago now I was made aware of something extremely disturbing as I mentioned in my previous post. I’ve publicly admonished those who claim to be pedophile hunters because they obstruct law enforcement from catching predators and not only that but they violate human rights on a regular basis.

One such group calls themselves “#TH3D3N” or “Dragons” and attempts to make themselves out to be far more effective than they really are. I recall someone saying that in three years they maybe have been responsible for one individual being brought to justice. But that’s not the real problem I have with this group. No, what they did in the midst of all this was one of the most vile and sinister things I’ve witnessed. It makes these people far worse than the predators they claim to chase and report. They are monsters. They are predators. They are evil to the very core.

I could drop a ton of screenshots I’ve been given but consider this the start of a much bigger effort to destroy this group because I want every last screenshot I share to be legitimate and factual. So for the moment the initial post will include the materials I personally have collected and that of close friends that shared things that were being posted from behind blocks in threads I was involved in on Twitter.

This group has made public threats on my life. No, not a joke. The husband of one of these monsters decided he would make a thinly veiled threat on my life because I called his wife a monster. Well, she is. So are each and every single one of the people involved in this group and that stood silently while this happened right in front of them.

Let me introduce you to Sabine. Some call her the German lady. She likes to call herself a dragon and has gone by Eagle on Twitter. She has had dozens of accounts and carried on a war with people on Twitter for what seems like ages now trying to cover up the fact that she was responsible for bringing in a 14 year old boy, who did approach them and told them and others that he knew of a ring of pedophiles that was exploiting underage kids online, into the group to hunt pedophiles online. But the story is far more twisted and one that is going to take a while to explain fully. That kid is now 18 years old. We’ve talked, he’s told me a lot, and what he’s had to say is vile beyond words. What transpired is truly monstrous and epitomizes evil to the very core..

Here’s the stunning admission:

This is Danielle admitting that she did in fact openly help and brought a 14yo into their pedo hunting group. This right here was the public admission made on Twitter from behind a block that she had on my account where I was having a public discussion with Razor about his involvement with #TH3D3N.

This is the conversation I was having with Razor about what happened. This is his admission that he was 14 at the time when #TH3D3N. Keep in mind I had spoken with him only briefly in a private direct message and never once had I asked him about anything that had transpired. I only asked him if what I had learned was true and then offered my support. So he had no idea that I was about to do this in the public eye.

They were so outraged by my involvement that the husband of one of these monsters took offence to the fact that I called her out. He literally makes a threat on my life. If that’s not an outright admission of guilt and an attempt to intimidate and silence me, then I have no clue what you call this. And even more disturbing is the tweet which follows.

The tweet was just passed to me as I was writing this post. The very fact that these monsters boasted about harming someone that also happened to be part of the LGBT community, who was harmed as a result of doxxing the wrong person. The fact that #TH3D3N thinks this is okay and somehow has gotten away with this is truly disturbing.

Anytime they are confronted by those who oppose what it is they do these people will start attacking you personally. They will attempt to find information about you on social media, they will call you a pedophile enabler, they will claim that you are a pedophile outright. They don’t care about slandering the character of people. They don’t care about physically harming people. These people act like the monsters that they claim to hate so much. They’ve become the very evil they supposedly despise.

So where does it end? It doesn’t.

This is what happens when you challenge them. They turn the argument into accusations towards you. They make claims that you are a pedophile. That you are an enabler. As if it wasn’t bad enough when they decided to make threats on my life, this is the sort of thing that they do. And there’s more.

People that were fully aware of the fact that he was 14 at the time decided that it was okay because they weren’t there. They even tried to make it sound like it was justified. He did it to himself they say. Since when does a 14yo decide for adults that it’s okay for them to use him to chase after predators online. To transport child pornography to a Discord server where it can then be “used” for some sinister purpose. Extortion perhaps?

A soft heart for protecting kids? How is it protecting kids when you literally justified her taking him into the pedo hunter group, a child, and using him to go after predators? The adults had the ability to say no, they didn’t and this monster literally justified the acts of Sabine and #TH3D3N because a child made the choice for them. Where is the logic, the compassion, the morality of the adults in this?

This is the delusion that these people live in. They think so highly of themselves they are willing drop threatening messages and use images of dragons to act like they’re all powerful. They literally live in an illusion. A fantasy world where they believe they are moving the needle. They are literally vigilantes that have committed acts of unthinkable violence against kids and even the wrong people.

Here’s the problem. First off we already have the admission by Razor that he reached out at the age of 14 to adults for help to shut down a pedo ring. She comes back and says she trained him at the age of 16 but that’s not the least bit true. At 16 is when he walked away from them and that left the den to attack him repeatedly. He’s 18 years of age now and this has been going on for 2 years after he left.

The individual who originally started #OpPedoHunt had this to say about people like the den. But this isn’t what really caught my attention.

Kittie confirms what Razor stated about his being used by the den at the age of 14. As you can see others were involved in this conversation and all of the others that were part of this conversation saw the same thing I did. An admission from an adult who truly cared about kids who knew what the den had done to Razor.

In the days that followed my initial release of this article I was attacked repeatedly on Twitter. Information from over a decade noting my old address and other personal information was put out. Pictures of unrelated people, pictures of children, and personal information of others was put out by accounts related to the den that were quickly suspended as these were throwaway accounts to be used to threaten and doxx myself and others.

This along with a number of other tweets were reported by the den because they didn’t like the fact that I was calling them out in public, again. They started harassing me after I had left them alone for over a month. Just decided to start blowing up an old tweet in order to start a fight because I would not take down tweets openly showing admissions and threats by them. So when I reacted, when I told them how I felt. Of course they attempted to report the tweets.

This is Sabine. She attempts to make wild claims all the time about others that have opposed the den. While she says she is not part of the den / dragons she will defend and spin their lies even when they discard her and treat her like trash. Here she is making a false claim about Anonymous being the originators of the OpPedoHunter group. She’s is not Anonymous nor Qanon or anything of the sort. She’s an older German woman that is mentally unwell and constantly finds herself in the center of fights with people on Twitter all to defend people that used a 14 year old young man to hunt pedophiles online.

Now remember, a bit ago Kittie just asserted that the den was using OpPedoHunt to make money? To glamorize what it is they’re doing? Obviously Kittie wasn’t lying. Here we have one of them attempting to profit from merch using the attention on the den and their fake pedo hunting mission.

It became all about promoting what they were doing to make money. They didn’t care about the damage they were doing or the fact that they used a kid to help them catch actual predators. Keep in mind most of these people are mentally unhealthy and some with criminal records that would make you cringe. These aren’t good people by any stretch of the imagination.

I am always happy to continue revising and updating this article with any new information that people would like to share. I’m continuing to gather screenshots and go through information that I’ve already been given so that people can see what exactly these people are up to, what they’re about, and the monstrous activities they’ve involved themselves in all for the same of fame and money.

It’s never been about kids. It’s never been about doing what was right. That’s why I’m continuing this effort to expose them for as long as it takes to make sure that the right people see this and take actions to bring these criminals to justice.

I would encourage anyone that has information regarding these people to please contact me directly via email. I have setup an email address specifically for this website as a point of contact.