The war from all angles.

Democrats are once again bracing for a loss to President Trump in the upcoming national election. Once again they are attacking the election system and once again they’re going to claim foul no matter if they win or lose, just like they did last time.

Remember when Peter Strzok said that Hillary should win by 100 million votes over Trump? Well here’s a shocker. Once again this very same type of mentally unstable behavior is being floated as if Biden doesn’t win the country is over? National Review just posted an article where Rosa Brooks just made the most remarkable assertion that through so-called simulations; “every scenario except a Biden landslide, our simulation ended catastrophically.”

Cool story, but that’s a lie. How do we know that? Because no amount of pleas from leftist officials in cities that are under siege by ANTIFA has yielded any positive results. Some of those officials have become targets of the very people that they protected and spoke in support of recently.

Some of us remember then the United States had a policy of no negotiations with terrorists. ANTIFA and BLM are both terrorist groups by virtue of the fact that they have been looting, rioting, destroying property, slaughtering adults and children alike, and have destroyed billions in property which liberal officials now want the federal government to pick up the tab to help rebuild those cities where liberal officials allowed for lawlessness and promoted it.

The willful destruction that Democrat run cities are experiencing is directly related to the people that live there. Much as I would like to blame the officials alone, the fact of the matter is that the public voted for these people and anyone complaining in those cities about the results of this destruction has no room to cry. They have the option to leave those cities or learn to vote for people that will put the needs and safety of the people first. The rest of the country should also not be on the hook to pay for the mess that those states and cities created at the behest of the voters who voted for officials that abandoned them in their time of need.

Is it any wonder that police in many of these cities are walking off the job, retiring, or refusing to engage because of radical policies that do more to undermine the efforts of police and make their jobs that much more dangerous?

Democrats are losing this war but they’re covering all their bases. They know the riots aren’t going to end and they know Joe Biden can’t win. So setting their base up for that failure and signalling that the riots should continue even after the election is going to continue. They know that Biden can’t win by a landslide but their terrified that Trump might just pull of a Ronald Reagan, and win by the largest landslide victory in history. And that could actually happen as the left continues to divide, anger people, and create more violence that pushes people that once were in the center, right into the arms of Donald Trump and the new Republican party under his leadership.