The illegitimate President

For the last four years Americans were told that Donald J. Trump was not a legitimate president. They were told that Russia elected him, that he was Putin’s puppet, that he cheated, that he was never the president because he didn’t win the popular vote. Contrast that with the 2020 election and what you have is people that told us our voting systems were compromised for four years now saying that this latest election was legitimate when we know for a fact that there was widespread voter fraud. It’s not even a question of if there was fraud, it’s a matter of how much actual fraud took place.

So let’s be fair. Joe Biden is not only incompetent but he’s a criminal and a very creepy old man that has an unhealthy obsession with touching and sniffing kids. The man is quite literally, in my opinion, an outright pedophile. His son, Hunter, is ever bit the same as he is and worse yet is in bed with one foreign government after another and getting rich beyond his wildest dreams off the back of his father. He’s a pervert and quite possibly a pedophile as well. Basically you have a family of criminal and sexual deviants that now have a seat in the highest office of our country.

Barack Obama was not my president because he tried to destroy this country with his policies. Joe Biden will be every bit as bad if not worse. But let me be clear. Joe Biden is not more popular than Barack Obama and there is no way that Obama performed worse than Biden based upon the simple fact that it took a great deal of fraud to make up for the votes that Biden didn’t have and that was needed to beat Trump in order for him to win. No one likes Joe Biden. No one likes Harris either. She’s a disaster. She lost to Biden and nearly every candidate on that stage because she performed so horribly. So I stand by my view that Obama was far more popular and there is no way Biden got more votes than Obama did. It’s not possible. Biden isn’t my president because he wasn’t legitimately elected. Obama wasn’t my president because he was anti-American and literally introduced policies that weaponize government against the people and against the Republican party in order to prevent rollbacks of his policies which ultimately failed when Trump was elected.

The American people legitimately have a right to take up arms at this point and take down this government. Our intelligence services have more power than they were ever designed to have and are being used to attack the rights of the people. Both parties have completely failed the American people and are doing nothing to stop this continue coupe against not only Donald Trump but against the American people themselves. Civil unrest is about to become a real thing but instead of riots in the streets this is going to become armed confrontation of the people against the government by my estimation.

A great crime has taken place in the last few weeks and I watched it unfolding even though I knew from the sheer numbers that Trump should have won by a very clear majority. Ballot harvesting, dead people voting, software issues, people voting multiple times, ballots with no postmarks or signatures being counted as legitimate, counties where Trump should clearly have carried the day flipped because of blue ink pens being used rather than black and was done intentionally to the voters in those conservative heavy districts.

No matter what Joe Biden or Kamala Harris do, they will never have a legitimate claim to the titles of President and Vice President. This election was a disgrace and a full display of betrayal of the people by powerful individuals that are hellbent on destroying this nation and stealing freedom from the people of this country once and for all. They simply forget one small problem. The people of this country will take up arms and will fight the government using brute force. The majority of our military is loyal to the Constitution and the people of this country, not the government. The overwhelming majority of our problems as a country are on the east and west coasts and that means that the majority of landmass in this country belongs to a majority of conservatives who can easily overwhelm both coasts with lethal force if it ever came to it. Sadly I think it just might. There are many upon many guns in this country in the hands of law abiding patriots that will defend the Constitution and their way of life and think nothing of another civil war if need be to prevent their way of life from being stolen from them by criminals that are bent on doing whatever they can to destroy this nation.

I’m not fond of what I’ve witnessed and even less happy that the idea of another civil war could occur in my lifetime. I don’t fancy the idea of our country being shaken to the core and the deaths of thousands of people occurring as a result of the illegal and criminal takeover of our government and country by communists that have disguised themselves as so-called liberals and socialists. The fact remains that it’s a possibility now more than at any time I’ve been on this earth and it’s damn scary. I also have to say that if it comes to that, I’m in support of the people protecting our Constitution and country by any means should they see fit to remove the current government until law and order can be restored.

Keep an eye out everyone. I do believe some dark times are ahead and I’m not some conspiracy person. There is a lot of chatter out there by a lot of people and some of it quite public while much more is going on in the background and people have finally come to the point where they believe they must act or lose their last hope of being able to do so in order to protect the nation from a true evil.

More to come soon!


  • My biggest fear in the case of a civil war–aside from the fact that they are the worst, messiest kind of war out there–is that our enemies abroad will not sit idly by while we tear ourselves apart from within. The Chinese have designs on the Pacific; Russians on Eastern Europe, and the extremists need only the slightest opportunity to rear their ugly heads in the Mid-East.

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