Common sense facts about wearing masks.

Anyone who uses their intellect to look at some simple facts about wearing masks realizes they are unhealthy for people to wear for a host of reasons. It doesn’t require science to figure these things out because simple common sense should tell you that it is about control, not about helping save lives.

Fact: Masks are unsanitary.

If you touch a mask without sterilizing your hands you have already contaminated the masks before you’ve even put it on. Our hands are constantly touching things and those things are not sterile. When you touch the mask you’ve already exposed it to “harmful” germs, bacteria, and viruses by the simple act of touching it. People are constantly touching their masks, adjusting them, taking them off and on, and generally speaking this makes a mask unsanitary no matter what you do.

Fact: Masks can be directly linked to bacterial pneumonia which results from breathing through material that has conditions ripe for rapid bacterial growth.

Warm & moist fabrics directly touching your face are a breeding ground for bacteria which can contribute to pneumonia. Since masks are not sanitary and because of the fact that you are breathing through this material, it is directly being pulled into your body which could cause a condition that can and will kill you if not treated in time.

Fact: Masks spread unhealthy bacteria, viruses, and other germs due to breathing through materials that collect moisture.

By the same common sense logic I just gave regarding pneumonia, as you breathe through a mask that has collected moisture and started breeding other unhealthy conditions, as you exhale the force of the air you are pushing through the mask expels pathogens into the air and onto surfaces in your general vicinity. The mask becomes a sprinkler and you become the device that spreads pathogens.

Masks aren’t about saving lives. Masks are about control. Masks aren’t going to help and there is no data that anyone can provide that refutes what I’ve said here today.

The longer you wear a mask that you have repeatedly touched and that is not sterile, the more likely it is that YOU are putting YOUR LIFE in danger and that of others around you. YOU are more likely to become sick because masks aren’t sanitary and cannot be made to be so no matter what so called medical experts say.

Take note: Doctors have to change masks often during surgical procedures and they are not constantly touching those masks. Those masks are discarded to be cleaned and are worn once, not repeatedly, and then sanitized.

I’m not a medical expert. I’m a human being with a very simple way of thinking. Logic and Common Sense are my best weapons. I am a free thinking person and I won’t be told that I must believe something simply because others tell me I must.

I also will not put my life in danger by restricting my breathing and exposing myself to dangerous pathogens simply because the rest of you are in full panic all the time over a virus that hasn’t killed nearly as many people as cancer, the flu, or a host of other things that we as a society deal with every single day and aren’t out carrying on a full scale war against the people of this country all for the sake of politics and control.

Stay in your home, fail at life, let government take YOUR freedoms from you, and become slaves to your own fears. I’ll have nothing to do with it. I am not a sheep and I will not abide your stupidity.

Good day.