What The Den is really about.

As many of you know I departed Twitter after growing tired of petty behavior by people who are more interested in their fights and the drama they put themselves through daily. I had already steadily started my departure after Twitter removed my main account over an infraction that literally was not a violation of the rules but an overt act of censorship and I’ve got the tweets to prove it and have even lodged a complaint with the BBB and requested Twitter review the suspension and overturn it based upon clear evidence that the suspension was unwarranted. I, like many, was a victim of the censorship of conservative voices on communist state run social media sites.

The final straw came when I had been involved in exposing and reporting Danielle Hutton and her cult for criminal acts they were actively engaged in on a daily basis on social media. They were literally downloading, watching, and promoting child pornography online. She claims they were hunting pedophiles but in the words of many of her followers, these people were literally promoting hashtags, which by legal definition is a hypertext link, to child pronography on Twitter and over other mediums such as Periscope and on YouTube as well. She also actively has pursed sexual relations which at least one teenage boy who was 19 at the time, and used a 14 year old boy for nearly two years to hunt pedophiles on various platforms while also having him upload illegal materials to a Discord server, and to add insult to injury she also has recently recruited another teenager who is 18 years of age as one of her crew. The 19 year old she actually sent nude pictures of herself to him which later were posted online by others who obtained those images.

The 14 year old is now 18 years of age. He goes by Razor on Twitter, among other aliases that he’s been known by. Recently after carrying on a full scale war on social media for over 2 years with Dani, Razor decided he wanted to play at a truce with her. The problem with his so called truce is that no one could use or talk about what she had done to him online which meant that Razor was on the hook for others talking about what she did to him and to remain quiet about it from there on or else he was accountable. What he failed to grasp is that he doesn’t get to agree to something on behalf of others who want no part of his so called “truce” and have no responsibility to remain quiet about it either.

What did he do? He decided to expose people, myself included, and broadcast personal information to the public for the sake of intimidation and to silence those people, or so he thought, as a means to bully others. What it really was is Razor doing exactly the same thing that Dani and her bunch have been doing for years now. Threaten and intimidate to silence anyone that gets in their way.

Razor is as big a part of the problem as Dani and her “dragons” and he too should probably be sitting in jail at this point because of his own acts of broadcasting personal information to threaten and harass people online. It’s all criminal activity and it’s all being permitted on Twitter and other social media platforms because none of those people really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Government is aware of what they’re doing in so far as police have been notified and proper law enforcement has been given evidence of their criminal behavior but right now their acts don’t rise to a level that law enforcement is willing to take real action to make examples of these people. So the drama continues and these tiny people, who don’t matter the least bit, continue their daily soap opera of bashing, attacking, playing at being spies, and whatever LARP is needed to be played out for the sake of their daily entertainment.

What “The Den” really is by legal definition is a Child Pornography Distribution Ring.

When you share links to materials that lead to child pornography you are literally distributing content, which is illegal in nearly every country around the world, to the general public. This isn’t about sharing information with the public, this is literally broadcasting and promoting illegal content to the public which is then watched by children and adults alike. It is being broadcast to the detriment of those who are victims and to those who should never have to be exposed to this content.

When you also collect those links, save content from those links, and then share that with others you are also committing a crime when you transmit those materials from one device to another and between persons. They are literally engaged in illegal activity that should have all of them in jail for the rest of their natural lives. And the worst part of that is that Razor, who is now 18, is just as guilty of promoting that activity as Dani and her dragons by his refusal to stand against it and by threatening others that have stood against it for the sake of his own fake and artificial peace with Dani and the dragons.

I wanted no part of that any longer. I had already started withdrawing from Twitter over a period of weeks. I had other things that were far more important to me and I was sick of the political drama already. I stayed and continued fighting to honor a woman that the den had viciously attacked even after she died. My thoughts and prayers will remain with Barb forever more. She truly was a wonderful woman and she truly believed what Dani and her cult was doing was immoral and criminal. She cared about Razor but she didn’t have any illusions about the fact that he was not always a good person. She just knew that what had been done to him was wrong and that was enough that she spoke up and walked away from the den herself. She was attacked, her identity was exposed and pictures of her and family were broadcast on the internet. They MEME’d her after she died on the 25th of September of this year. I stayed because I thought, at the time, it was the right thing to do. It was, I just am not willing to help people that refuse to help themselves and continue war for the sake of having something to fight about with no end or want to end it in sight.

I really don’t care about social media presence as much as I care about being able to have a platform of my own to promote better ideas and discuss things that I feel are important. It’s not about having thousands of people following me or any sort of fame. Yet this is what I was accused of, being a fame fag, by several people because they didn’t like the fact that I refuse to honor their “truce” and proving once again that the only ones that care about fame and being noticed are those making baseless accusations in the first place. They care about silencing those that don’t go along with their scripted wars. They care about nothing and no one but themselves. They don’t care about the kids that are literally being exposed to harmful media on the internet. They don’t care about kids being sexually exploited by adults for profit and pleasure. They care about their drama and that’s all in the world they care about.

I’m not going to apologize for leaving Twitter to those that begged me not to leave. My words are my words. They go with me wherever I go and nothing is going to stop me from speaking the truth or speaking from the heart when I feel motivated to engage a topic. I will apologize to my true friends who warned me about all of this for not walking away sooner and for not caring enough to stop wasting my time on worthless people that have no morality nor compassion. I should have listened and I should have condemned everyone involved from the very start. I should have seen that the only thing any of them cared about was a continued social media live drama that does nothing but expose them all to criminal conduct and scripted drama that they drag innocent people into in order to change up their daily script so they don’t get completely bored of their lather, rinse, repeat daily dose of drama.

The bottom line comes down to this. If your name is Danielle Hutton, a heroine addict, a drug dealer, a pedophile enabler, a child groomer, and all around terrible mother. You’re a monster that should spend the rest of your natural life in prison for peddling child porn on the internet and scamming people out of money. For using private and personal information to bully and harass your enemies. And for being just a plain evil person.

If you’re one of the co-star roles in her daily drama and you refuse to walk away and do what’s right then you too are no better than she is in spirit and that’s a fact. Whether your name is Coray aka Razor, the kid that Dani used and now uses by proxy to continue her daily pedo peddling warfare, who is a victim turn predator himself. Whether your name is Loki, who I truly believe is a good and decent person but is caught up in their drama so hard that he refuses to see that the only way to end the fight is to choose not to be part of it at all. Whether your name is Jordan aka Dro, a fat worthless trucker who runs around on the internet doxing people with failed dox information and creates fake accounts to do so because he’s too big of a coward to admit it’s him and take credit for his fine work of failing miserably at life.

Nope, it doesn’t matter who you are or what part you play in the drama of The Den. If you’re part of it you’re truly a part of a vicious cycle of evil that the only way to win is by not playing at all.

This is the last I’ll ever post of any of it. I don’t care about these people like that. They’re not the story. They’re the tragedy that is the very worst of humanity. I truly have much better things to do with my life and this, is my closure.