Will Civil War Destroy America?


For weeks since the election people all over the country have speculated, after witnessing the disenfranchisement of American voters on a historic level, that the country is heading towards another Civil War. Some of us believe that this is in fact something that the American people should prepare for because of recent past events that demonstrate the will of the American people is not something to be tampered with by government.

It’s not even mere speculation that there was voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. The extent of how much fraud took place might never be known to the American people. One thing is for certain, Joe Biden did not garner more votes than Barack Obama did because at no point were voters that enthused about Biden where they would have came out to vote in such numbers for him. As a matter of fact we know from the sheer numbers that Trump couldn’t have lost to Biden in a fair and legitimate election. My opinion, my view, my experience over the last 50 years. Biden is a career criminal. Americans knew it. People didn’t come out to vote for him in massive numbers during the primaries and he barely managed to stay in the race.

With the level of corruption we’ve seen in government it’s no wonder there is talk about states severing ties with the federal government. It’s not a surprise to see people talking about taking up arms against the government either. But in case some of you forgot, during the Obama era, American patriots were ready to take up arms against the Bureau of Land Management in the case of Cliven Bundy. I’m sure some of you forgot about that incident that continued for some time. I’m sure some of you forgot about the images of armed men in places of cover waiting for BLM to make a move that they felt would justify firing upon government agents as well.

Americans aren’t afraid of their government, much to the dismay of Democrats. Our founding fathers made it crystal clear that the people should be feared by government and they built in mechanisms and left words of wisdom as a warning to future generations that the American people had a duty, an obligation, and a right to take up arms against a government that engages in acts of tyranny. Democrats have demonstrated a will to disarm the people and do unjust harm to the people of this country for generations now. We’re now just a breath away from a storm that will sweep this nation and create devastation on a new level never seen on our soil. It’s not speculation, it’s a fact, that the people are angry enough to turn to violence as a final act of resolve to bring our federal government back in line with the Constitution.

The rights of the people are being violated on a daily basis by not only the federal government but on the part of state and local governments as well. All it’s going to take is a single spark to light a fire that will sweep this country and send a shockwave around the world. Americans taking up arms against their government as a demonstration that we the people outnumber and out gun our government in ways that Democrats have never imagined. There are other factors the left has ignored as well and it is to their detriment that they ignore the peril that they have placed themselves and their zealot followers in at this point.

Let’s remember that an unlawful order is still unlawful. So let’s remember that the majority of our military will not engage in unlawful acts and will revolt against orders that violate the Constitutional rights of the American people. The Democrats thought to change that under Obama but it failed. The majority of military members identify still to this day as Republican / Conservative minded individuals. That’s because their service is enshrined in the Constitution as the means to protect the country and the people as well as to their highest duty to uphold the law blazed in the writings of the Constitution.

If Democrats are counting on the ability to use the military against the people, should a revolution or civil war takes place, they’ll be sadly disappointed that our military will have its own internal conflict and fight to deal with and the outcome of that will always fall against communist elements that have taken over the Democratic Party. Our military is comprised of patriots on every level and they would never allow the firepower that is used to protect this country to be used against the people. No matter who gives the order, our military is not for use against the people of this country. Armed patriots standing against an unlawful government is not a threat to our national security. It’s a threat to criminals who would commit acts of treason against this country and the people who are the ultimate authority over not only that government, but the military itself.

Our country has troubled times ahead from the looks of things. I don’t know whether a war is going to break out or not but I certainly think at this point the likelihood of such an event taking place is higher than at any point since the Civil War. I think that patriots see Joe Biden and the Democrats as true enemies of the people. I think patriots see big tech and the media as enemies of the people. I think that over half of this country sees these people as a threat to the future of humanity and to the sanctity of freedom and liberty not just in this country but around the world as well.

The media has done a great disservice to the people of this country. A free press was supposed to keep government in check but rather our free press has become a partisan propaganda machine for criminals that have taken over our government at every level. The rights of a free press are a part of our Constitution but when that free press becomes a mouthpiece for a collective of people who seek to destroy the rights and freedoms of the people of this country, they too become complicit in acts of sedition against the country. They too should be made to pay the ultimate price for their part in attacking our Constitution and the country. They too should stand trial and be punished for their willful acts to destroy our country.

While I am not calling for violence and acts of war against the country, I am calling for those who are watching this unfold to be wary of anything you see and hear coming from any of the mainstream media. I’d advise being equally wary of anything out of any government official no matter the party affiliation. I would be mindful of the fact that these people wish to remain in power and will say or do anything to keep getting paid big money they don’t deserve, to help destroy the country we live in if they’re not actively calling for justice against those harming our country.

So is war coming? I’m certain that it is. When? Who knows. But it is coming. If I were the average citizen that cares about this country and your families, I would be or become very well armed and ready for anything at this point. Patriots have behaved up till now. That time is coming to an end and many have said as much. Take a stroll over to Rumble and see for yourself. Many are actively telling representatives that the time for peace and talking is coming to an end. They’re warning people. They mean business. Don’t think these are idle words. That would be a big mistake. One that will sadly cost lives if people aren’t prepared.

I know it’s almost Christmas and this sounds like a doom and gloom message but we’re fighting to preserve tradition and values that Americans care about deeply. They feel violated and rightfully so.

So embrace your family this Christmas and show them the love you want them to see from you. It might be one of the last peaceful holiday seasons we see for a very long time to come if we continue down this path.

God bless you all and may he protect you and keep you from harm.