This website is dedicated to conservative and libertarian views of those in the LGBT community.

For decades we have been marginalized by those in the mainstream liberal LGBT community. While they scream about equality they simultaneously oppress voices of opposition towards their destructive agenda and views which threaten our country. They ignore the safety and well being of LGBT people with reckless policies that have allowed unmitigated immigration of people who threaten our country as a whole. Islamic radicals, criminal illegal aliens, child trafficking, drug trafficking, and other criminal activities due to a broken immigratoin system.

Our objective is to provide a platform for those in the community who share our view. To give them an outlet to speak out against the destructive agenda that undermines the very freedoms that protect all people in our country. Whether those voices be from people within the LGBT community or are the voices of our supporters who are not at all part of the gay community, we wish to be a place truly representative of conservative voices all over America and the world.

For too long I tolerated those who called me self loathing, a traitor, claimed I had internalized homophobia, or just plained called me a faggot along with an array of other colorful metaphors. I’ve watched so many good people shamed into silence by the left for having views that align with the Constitution and conservative ideals.

This is our chance to speak out and give others that feel the same as we do a real opportunity to speak to the reality of injustices, the real hatred, the real marginalization of LGBT people. A chance to shine a spotlight on the things that good people with morality want no part and to fight against for the sake of decent people who just want to live their lives unmolested by others and our government.

We are Americans. We are Patriots. We are just like anyone else. Our voices deserve to be heard.