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Happy 23rd Birthday to Fag.Org

23 years ago I registered this domain as a vanity domain to be used on IRC. Today it has become an important part of my future to leave the world a slightly better place and to leave my husband a legacy of joy and memories to carry with him for years to come.

I want to thank all of you who have supported me and helped me to find my way and to lift my voice. You’re the reason I continue my writing and soon my motivation for the podcast that’s coming up in 2021.

God bless you all and God bless America.


Recently I have been shifting away from mainstream social media and looking for other outlets because of the simple fact that companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and others have engaged in a full scale war against the American people. They’ve also demonstrated that they are permitted to do whatever they like and our government refuses to reign them in and stop them from destroying our rights to free speech here in America.

This brings questions for many people. Where do we go? What do we do? Who do we turn to now? All the while people have forgotten about long popular networks where time has stood still. Where control over the domain in which users interacted, truly was in the hands of the users themselves. Where you could create your own place to chat in a room with like minded people without advertising spewing across your chats. Where you could remove disturbances without a second thought.

IRC didn’t die and as a matter of fact it remains still one of the most used forms of communication for large numbers of users who want open discussion without the hassles that come with social media. One of those things is the need to have access to personal information. IRC doesn’t want your actual name, telephone number, home address, bank account information, and other personal details about you. Heck, if you get on the right network these days you’re far safer chatting with others in an anonymous fashion than on any social media network anywhere in the world.

You can connect to them using encrypted connections. Where you can hide your hostname information from the rest of the world with virtual addresses provided through network services. You can secure your nickname on the networks. You can create and to a certain degree even own channels with channel registration services. You can limit the number of people that join your channels. You can operate bots for games, you can chat about nearly anything you like without being spied upon. You can do a lot more and give up a lot less just by taking a step backward in time.

Example of actual user information on IRC. Spoofed hostname showing encrypted connection to network.

Internet Relay Chat has evolved and is used still widely today but most people opt for the convenience of social media because of the connections to friends. Well in the age of cellphones, why do you need yet another way to connect to friends? Why not just text them? Virtual friends online? Create a virtual phone number on one of the many services out there and have it forward messages to you phone if you’re so worried about giving your phone number out.

IRC didn’t translate to the mobile phone user as easily as it should have, I admit. But there are clients out there that allow you to use IRC still on mobile devices. You just have to look around and see what’s out there and decide for yourself what suits your needs best.

There are new sites emerging that are allowing users to walk away from companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Google. It’s going to take some time for there to be places where the public can trust big tech to manage our information responsibly or protect our rights and freedoms. The simple fact is that right now, people need a way to communicate with one another and things like IRC work best if people are truly wanting to start organizing and creating a movement that isn’t seen by so many eyes.

My fiance and I both have withdrawn from most of our social media now. I keep Facebook because of family but I’ve locked my account down, removed as much personal information as possible, and use it to help promote this website but even that’s about to change soon. I’ll be using this site almost exclusively for more content that I want to focus on and use the search engine tools to help bring new traffic for the content that we want to share with others.

In the meantime we’ve taken extreme measures to get rid of big tech eyes in our life and start working towards using tools that help us communicate with people without having to be spied upon. Where we can talk about things without having to worry about an advertisement popping up in our face related to things we’ve been talking about offline. I mean how many times have you spoken about something at home and suddenly Facebook or Twitter suddenly have ads relevant to what you were speaking about? You think your phones aren’t listening to what you’re talking about? You think Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, and others aren’t using their software to access your voice at home and listening in so they can target ads to you? We’ve seen it happen repeatedly over the last 5 years and we’ve even tested it to make sure that we weren’t just crazy.

Removing specific browsers, using VPNs, using IRC, locking down any social media you to use and restricting access to your personal information. These are things all of us need to start looking at doing if we’re going to take this invasion by social media seriously. We should all be thinking about how to use whatever resources we can to change the conversation. The sooner we do the sooner big tech finds out that they no longer rule our lives. It’s time the people start tearing these networks down. It’s time we speak by not speaking through them at all.

Parler, Rumble, Gab, and other networks are coming up and we should support them within reason. But we should be willing to also consider taking a step back if we are to change course and step out in a new direction. These are things all of us should be taking seriously if we truly want to win the war on information because information is power and currency in cyberspace. You can change the world if you simply take control of the spaces in which you operate and learn how to use the tools that have been here for us all to use for a very long time now. The best parts of the Internet, are still free to use and offer greater power and control over your online presence if you simply take the time to learn to use them correctly.

A thought to consider moving into 2021.

Will Civil War Destroy America?

For weeks since the election people all over the country have speculated, after witnessing the disenfranchisement of American voters on a historic level, that the country is heading towards another Civil War. Some of us believe that this is in fact something that the American people should prepare for because of recent past events that demonstrate the will of the American people is not something to be tampered with by government.

It’s not even mere speculation that there was voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. The extent of how much fraud took place might never be known to the American people. One thing is for certain, Joe Biden did not garner more votes than Barack Obama did because at no point were voters that enthused about Biden where they would have came out to vote in such numbers for him. As a matter of fact we know from the sheer numbers that Trump couldn’t have lost to Biden in a fair and legitimate election. My opinion, my view, my experience over the last 50 years. Biden is a career criminal. Americans knew it. People didn’t come out to vote for him in massive numbers during the primaries and he barely managed to stay in the race.

With the level of corruption we’ve seen in government it’s no wonder there is talk about states severing ties with the federal government. It’s not a surprise to see people talking about taking up arms against the government either. But in case some of you forgot, during the Obama era, American patriots were ready to take up arms against the Bureau of Land Management in the case of Cliven Bundy. I’m sure some of you forgot about that incident that continued for some time. I’m sure some of you forgot about the images of armed men in places of cover waiting for BLM to make a move that they felt would justify firing upon government agents as well.

Americans aren’t afraid of their government, much to the dismay of Democrats. Our founding fathers made it crystal clear that the people should be feared by government and they built in mechanisms and left words of wisdom as a warning to future generations that the American people had a duty, an obligation, and a right to take up arms against a government that engages in acts of tyranny. Democrats have demonstrated a will to disarm the people and do unjust harm to the people of this country for generations now. We’re now just a breath away from a storm that will sweep this nation and create devastation on a new level never seen on our soil. It’s not speculation, it’s a fact, that the people are angry enough to turn to violence as a final act of resolve to bring our federal government back in line with the Constitution.

The rights of the people are being violated on a daily basis by not only the federal government but on the part of state and local governments as well. All it’s going to take is a single spark to light a fire that will sweep this country and send a shockwave around the world. Americans taking up arms against their government as a demonstration that we the people outnumber and out gun our government in ways that Democrats have never imagined. There are other factors the left has ignored as well and it is to their detriment that they ignore the peril that they have placed themselves and their zealot followers in at this point.

Let’s remember that an unlawful order is still unlawful. So let’s remember that the majority of our military will not engage in unlawful acts and will revolt against orders that violate the Constitutional rights of the American people. The Democrats thought to change that under Obama but it failed. The majority of military members identify still to this day as Republican / Conservative minded individuals. That’s because their service is enshrined in the Constitution as the means to protect the country and the people as well as to their highest duty to uphold the law blazed in the writings of the Constitution.

If Democrats are counting on the ability to use the military against the people, should a revolution or civil war takes place, they’ll be sadly disappointed that our military will have its own internal conflict and fight to deal with and the outcome of that will always fall against communist elements that have taken over the Democratic Party. Our military is comprised of patriots on every level and they would never allow the firepower that is used to protect this country to be used against the people. No matter who gives the order, our military is not for use against the people of this country. Armed patriots standing against an unlawful government is not a threat to our national security. It’s a threat to criminals who would commit acts of treason against this country and the people who are the ultimate authority over not only that government, but the military itself.

Our country has troubled times ahead from the looks of things. I don’t know whether a war is going to break out or not but I certainly think at this point the likelihood of such an event taking place is higher than at any point since the Civil War. I think that patriots see Joe Biden and the Democrats as true enemies of the people. I think patriots see big tech and the media as enemies of the people. I think that over half of this country sees these people as a threat to the future of humanity and to the sanctity of freedom and liberty not just in this country but around the world as well.

The media has done a great disservice to the people of this country. A free press was supposed to keep government in check but rather our free press has become a partisan propaganda machine for criminals that have taken over our government at every level. The rights of a free press are a part of our Constitution but when that free press becomes a mouthpiece for a collective of people who seek to destroy the rights and freedoms of the people of this country, they too become complicit in acts of sedition against the country. They too should be made to pay the ultimate price for their part in attacking our Constitution and the country. They too should stand trial and be punished for their willful acts to destroy our country.

While I am not calling for violence and acts of war against the country, I am calling for those who are watching this unfold to be wary of anything you see and hear coming from any of the mainstream media. I’d advise being equally wary of anything out of any government official no matter the party affiliation. I would be mindful of the fact that these people wish to remain in power and will say or do anything to keep getting paid big money they don’t deserve, to help destroy the country we live in if they’re not actively calling for justice against those harming our country.

So is war coming? I’m certain that it is. When? Who knows. But it is coming. If I were the average citizen that cares about this country and your families, I would be or become very well armed and ready for anything at this point. Patriots have behaved up till now. That time is coming to an end and many have said as much. Take a stroll over to Rumble and see for yourself. Many are actively telling representatives that the time for peace and talking is coming to an end. They’re warning people. They mean business. Don’t think these are idle words. That would be a big mistake. One that will sadly cost lives if people aren’t prepared.

I know it’s almost Christmas and this sounds like a doom and gloom message but we’re fighting to preserve tradition and values that Americans care about deeply. They feel violated and rightfully so.

So embrace your family this Christmas and show them the love you want them to see from you. It might be one of the last peaceful holiday seasons we see for a very long time to come if we continue down this path.

God bless you all and may he protect you and keep you from harm.

What The Den is really about.

As many of you know I departed Twitter after growing tired of petty behavior by people who are more interested in their fights and the drama they put themselves through daily. I had already steadily started my departure after Twitter removed my main account over an infraction that literally was not a violation of the rules but an overt act of censorship and I’ve got the tweets to prove it and have even lodged a complaint with the BBB and requested Twitter review the suspension and overturn it based upon clear evidence that the suspension was unwarranted. I, like many, was a victim of the censorship of conservative voices on communist state run social media sites.

The final straw came when I had been involved in exposing and reporting Danielle Hutton and her cult for criminal acts they were actively engaged in on a daily basis on social media. They were literally downloading, watching, and promoting child pornography online. She claims they were hunting pedophiles but in the words of many of her followers, these people were literally promoting hashtags, which by legal definition is a hypertext link, to child pronography on Twitter and over other mediums such as Periscope and on YouTube as well. She also actively has pursed sexual relations which at least one teenage boy who was 19 at the time, and used a 14 year old boy for nearly two years to hunt pedophiles on various platforms while also having him upload illegal materials to a Discord server, and to add insult to injury she also has recently recruited another teenager who is 18 years of age as one of her crew. The 19 year old she actually sent nude pictures of herself to him which later were posted online by others who obtained those images.

The 14 year old is now 18 years of age. He goes by Razor on Twitter, among other aliases that he’s been known by. Recently after carrying on a full scale war on social media for over 2 years with Dani, Razor decided he wanted to play at a truce with her. The problem with his so called truce is that no one could use or talk about what she had done to him online which meant that Razor was on the hook for others talking about what she did to him and to remain quiet about it from there on or else he was accountable. What he failed to grasp is that he doesn’t get to agree to something on behalf of others who want no part of his so called “truce” and have no responsibility to remain quiet about it either.

What did he do? He decided to expose people, myself included, and broadcast personal information to the public for the sake of intimidation and to silence those people, or so he thought, as a means to bully others. What it really was is Razor doing exactly the same thing that Dani and her bunch have been doing for years now. Threaten and intimidate to silence anyone that gets in their way.

Razor is as big a part of the problem as Dani and her “dragons” and he too should probably be sitting in jail at this point because of his own acts of broadcasting personal information to threaten and harass people online. It’s all criminal activity and it’s all being permitted on Twitter and other social media platforms because none of those people really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Government is aware of what they’re doing in so far as police have been notified and proper law enforcement has been given evidence of their criminal behavior but right now their acts don’t rise to a level that law enforcement is willing to take real action to make examples of these people. So the drama continues and these tiny people, who don’t matter the least bit, continue their daily soap opera of bashing, attacking, playing at being spies, and whatever LARP is needed to be played out for the sake of their daily entertainment.

What “The Den” really is by legal definition is a Child Pornography Distribution Ring.

When you share links to materials that lead to child pornography you are literally distributing content, which is illegal in nearly every country around the world, to the general public. This isn’t about sharing information with the public, this is literally broadcasting and promoting illegal content to the public which is then watched by children and adults alike. It is being broadcast to the detriment of those who are victims and to those who should never have to be exposed to this content.

When you also collect those links, save content from those links, and then share that with others you are also committing a crime when you transmit those materials from one device to another and between persons. They are literally engaged in illegal activity that should have all of them in jail for the rest of their natural lives. And the worst part of that is that Razor, who is now 18, is just as guilty of promoting that activity as Dani and her dragons by his refusal to stand against it and by threatening others that have stood against it for the sake of his own fake and artificial peace with Dani and the dragons.

I wanted no part of that any longer. I had already started withdrawing from Twitter over a period of weeks. I had other things that were far more important to me and I was sick of the political drama already. I stayed and continued fighting to honor a woman that the den had viciously attacked even after she died. My thoughts and prayers will remain with Barb forever more. She truly was a wonderful woman and she truly believed what Dani and her cult was doing was immoral and criminal. She cared about Razor but she didn’t have any illusions about the fact that he was not always a good person. She just knew that what had been done to him was wrong and that was enough that she spoke up and walked away from the den herself. She was attacked, her identity was exposed and pictures of her and family were broadcast on the internet. They MEME’d her after she died on the 25th of September of this year. I stayed because I thought, at the time, it was the right thing to do. It was, I just am not willing to help people that refuse to help themselves and continue war for the sake of having something to fight about with no end or want to end it in sight.

I really don’t care about social media presence as much as I care about being able to have a platform of my own to promote better ideas and discuss things that I feel are important. It’s not about having thousands of people following me or any sort of fame. Yet this is what I was accused of, being a fame fag, by several people because they didn’t like the fact that I refuse to honor their “truce” and proving once again that the only ones that care about fame and being noticed are those making baseless accusations in the first place. They care about silencing those that don’t go along with their scripted wars. They care about nothing and no one but themselves. They don’t care about the kids that are literally being exposed to harmful media on the internet. They don’t care about kids being sexually exploited by adults for profit and pleasure. They care about their drama and that’s all in the world they care about.

I’m not going to apologize for leaving Twitter to those that begged me not to leave. My words are my words. They go with me wherever I go and nothing is going to stop me from speaking the truth or speaking from the heart when I feel motivated to engage a topic. I will apologize to my true friends who warned me about all of this for not walking away sooner and for not caring enough to stop wasting my time on worthless people that have no morality nor compassion. I should have listened and I should have condemned everyone involved from the very start. I should have seen that the only thing any of them cared about was a continued social media live drama that does nothing but expose them all to criminal conduct and scripted drama that they drag innocent people into in order to change up their daily script so they don’t get completely bored of their lather, rinse, repeat daily dose of drama.

The bottom line comes down to this. If your name is Danielle Hutton, a heroine addict, a drug dealer, a pedophile enabler, a child groomer, and all around terrible mother. You’re a monster that should spend the rest of your natural life in prison for peddling child porn on the internet and scamming people out of money. For using private and personal information to bully and harass your enemies. And for being just a plain evil person.

If you’re one of the co-star roles in her daily drama and you refuse to walk away and do what’s right then you too are no better than she is in spirit and that’s a fact. Whether your name is Coray aka Razor, the kid that Dani used and now uses by proxy to continue her daily pedo peddling warfare, who is a victim turn predator himself. Whether your name is Loki, who I truly believe is a good and decent person but is caught up in their drama so hard that he refuses to see that the only way to end the fight is to choose not to be part of it at all. Whether your name is Jordan aka Dro, a fat worthless trucker who runs around on the internet doxing people with failed dox information and creates fake accounts to do so because he’s too big of a coward to admit it’s him and take credit for his fine work of failing miserably at life.

Nope, it doesn’t matter who you are or what part you play in the drama of The Den. If you’re part of it you’re truly a part of a vicious cycle of evil that the only way to win is by not playing at all.

This is the last I’ll ever post of any of it. I don’t care about these people like that. They’re not the story. They’re the tragedy that is the very worst of humanity. I truly have much better things to do with my life and this, is my closure.

Common sense facts about wearing masks.

Anyone who uses their intellect to look at some simple facts about wearing masks realizes they are unhealthy for people to wear for a host of reasons. It doesn’t require science to figure these things out because simple common sense should tell you that it is about control, not about helping save lives.

Fact: Masks are unsanitary.

If you touch a mask without sterilizing your hands you have already contaminated the masks before you’ve even put it on. Our hands are constantly touching things and those things are not sterile. When you touch the mask you’ve already exposed it to “harmful” germs, bacteria, and viruses by the simple act of touching it. People are constantly touching their masks, adjusting them, taking them off and on, and generally speaking this makes a mask unsanitary no matter what you do.

Fact: Masks can be directly linked to bacterial pneumonia which results from breathing through material that has conditions ripe for rapid bacterial growth.

Warm & moist fabrics directly touching your face are a breeding ground for bacteria which can contribute to pneumonia. Since masks are not sanitary and because of the fact that you are breathing through this material, it is directly being pulled into your body which could cause a condition that can and will kill you if not treated in time.

Fact: Masks spread unhealthy bacteria, viruses, and other germs due to breathing through materials that collect moisture.

By the same common sense logic I just gave regarding pneumonia, as you breathe through a mask that has collected moisture and started breeding other unhealthy conditions, as you exhale the force of the air you are pushing through the mask expels pathogens into the air and onto surfaces in your general vicinity. The mask becomes a sprinkler and you become the device that spreads pathogens.

Masks aren’t about saving lives. Masks are about control. Masks aren’t going to help and there is no data that anyone can provide that refutes what I’ve said here today.

The longer you wear a mask that you have repeatedly touched and that is not sterile, the more likely it is that YOU are putting YOUR LIFE in danger and that of others around you. YOU are more likely to become sick because masks aren’t sanitary and cannot be made to be so no matter what so called medical experts say.

Take note: Doctors have to change masks often during surgical procedures and they are not constantly touching those masks. Those masks are discarded to be cleaned and are worn once, not repeatedly, and then sanitized.

I’m not a medical expert. I’m a human being with a very simple way of thinking. Logic and Common Sense are my best weapons. I am a free thinking person and I won’t be told that I must believe something simply because others tell me I must.

I also will not put my life in danger by restricting my breathing and exposing myself to dangerous pathogens simply because the rest of you are in full panic all the time over a virus that hasn’t killed nearly as many people as cancer, the flu, or a host of other things that we as a society deal with every single day and aren’t out carrying on a full scale war against the people of this country all for the sake of politics and control.

Stay in your home, fail at life, let government take YOUR freedoms from you, and become slaves to your own fears. I’ll have nothing to do with it. I am not a sheep and I will not abide your stupidity.

Good day.

The illegitimate President

For the last four years Americans were told that Donald J. Trump was not a legitimate president. They were told that Russia elected him, that he was Putin’s puppet, that he cheated, that he was never the president because he didn’t win the popular vote. Contrast that with the 2020 election and what you have is people that told us our voting systems were compromised for four years now saying that this latest election was legitimate when we know for a fact that there was widespread voter fraud. It’s not even a question of if there was fraud, it’s a matter of how much actual fraud took place.

So let’s be fair. Joe Biden is not only incompetent but he’s a criminal and a very creepy old man that has an unhealthy obsession with touching and sniffing kids. The man is quite literally, in my opinion, an outright pedophile. His son, Hunter, is ever bit the same as he is and worse yet is in bed with one foreign government after another and getting rich beyond his wildest dreams off the back of his father. He’s a pervert and quite possibly a pedophile as well. Basically you have a family of criminal and sexual deviants that now have a seat in the highest office of our country.

Barack Obama was not my president because he tried to destroy this country with his policies. Joe Biden will be every bit as bad if not worse. But let me be clear. Joe Biden is not more popular than Barack Obama and there is no way that Obama performed worse than Biden based upon the simple fact that it took a great deal of fraud to make up for the votes that Biden didn’t have and that was needed to beat Trump in order for him to win. No one likes Joe Biden. No one likes Harris either. She’s a disaster. She lost to Biden and nearly every candidate on that stage because she performed so horribly. So I stand by my view that Obama was far more popular and there is no way Biden got more votes than Obama did. It’s not possible. Biden isn’t my president because he wasn’t legitimately elected. Obama wasn’t my president because he was anti-American and literally introduced policies that weaponize government against the people and against the Republican party in order to prevent rollbacks of his policies which ultimately failed when Trump was elected.

The American people legitimately have a right to take up arms at this point and take down this government. Our intelligence services have more power than they were ever designed to have and are being used to attack the rights of the people. Both parties have completely failed the American people and are doing nothing to stop this continue coupe against not only Donald Trump but against the American people themselves. Civil unrest is about to become a real thing but instead of riots in the streets this is going to become armed confrontation of the people against the government by my estimation.

A great crime has taken place in the last few weeks and I watched it unfolding even though I knew from the sheer numbers that Trump should have won by a very clear majority. Ballot harvesting, dead people voting, software issues, people voting multiple times, ballots with no postmarks or signatures being counted as legitimate, counties where Trump should clearly have carried the day flipped because of blue ink pens being used rather than black and was done intentionally to the voters in those conservative heavy districts.

No matter what Joe Biden or Kamala Harris do, they will never have a legitimate claim to the titles of President and Vice President. This election was a disgrace and a full display of betrayal of the people by powerful individuals that are hellbent on destroying this nation and stealing freedom from the people of this country once and for all. They simply forget one small problem. The people of this country will take up arms and will fight the government using brute force. The majority of our military is loyal to the Constitution and the people of this country, not the government. The overwhelming majority of our problems as a country are on the east and west coasts and that means that the majority of landmass in this country belongs to a majority of conservatives who can easily overwhelm both coasts with lethal force if it ever came to it. Sadly I think it just might. There are many upon many guns in this country in the hands of law abiding patriots that will defend the Constitution and their way of life and think nothing of another civil war if need be to prevent their way of life from being stolen from them by criminals that are bent on doing whatever they can to destroy this nation.

I’m not fond of what I’ve witnessed and even less happy that the idea of another civil war could occur in my lifetime. I don’t fancy the idea of our country being shaken to the core and the deaths of thousands of people occurring as a result of the illegal and criminal takeover of our government and country by communists that have disguised themselves as so-called liberals and socialists. The fact remains that it’s a possibility now more than at any time I’ve been on this earth and it’s damn scary. I also have to say that if it comes to that, I’m in support of the people protecting our Constitution and country by any means should they see fit to remove the current government until law and order can be restored.

Keep an eye out everyone. I do believe some dark times are ahead and I’m not some conspiracy person. There is a lot of chatter out there by a lot of people and some of it quite public while much more is going on in the background and people have finally come to the point where they believe they must act or lose their last hope of being able to do so in order to protect the nation from a true evil.

More to come soon!

The war from all angles.

Democrats are once again bracing for a loss to President Trump in the upcoming national election. Once again they are attacking the election system and once again they’re going to claim foul no matter if they win or lose, just like they did last time.

Remember when Peter Strzok said that Hillary should win by 100 million votes over Trump? Well here’s a shocker. Once again this very same type of mentally unstable behavior is being floated as if Biden doesn’t win the country is over? National Review just posted an article where Rosa Brooks just made the most remarkable assertion that through so-called simulations; “every scenario except a Biden landslide, our simulation ended catastrophically.”

Cool story, but that’s a lie. How do we know that? Because no amount of pleas from leftist officials in cities that are under siege by ANTIFA has yielded any positive results. Some of those officials have become targets of the very people that they protected and spoke in support of recently.

Some of us remember then the United States had a policy of no negotiations with terrorists. ANTIFA and BLM are both terrorist groups by virtue of the fact that they have been looting, rioting, destroying property, slaughtering adults and children alike, and have destroyed billions in property which liberal officials now want the federal government to pick up the tab to help rebuild those cities where liberal officials allowed for lawlessness and promoted it.

The willful destruction that Democrat run cities are experiencing is directly related to the people that live there. Much as I would like to blame the officials alone, the fact of the matter is that the public voted for these people and anyone complaining in those cities about the results of this destruction has no room to cry. They have the option to leave those cities or learn to vote for people that will put the needs and safety of the people first. The rest of the country should also not be on the hook to pay for the mess that those states and cities created at the behest of the voters who voted for officials that abandoned them in their time of need.

Is it any wonder that police in many of these cities are walking off the job, retiring, or refusing to engage because of radical policies that do more to undermine the efforts of police and make their jobs that much more dangerous?

Democrats are losing this war but they’re covering all their bases. They know the riots aren’t going to end and they know Joe Biden can’t win. So setting their base up for that failure and signalling that the riots should continue even after the election is going to continue. They know that Biden can’t win by a landslide but their terrified that Trump might just pull of a Ronald Reagan, and win by the largest landslide victory in history. And that could actually happen as the left continues to divide, anger people, and create more violence that pushes people that once were in the center, right into the arms of Donald Trump and the new Republican party under his leadership.


Do you ever look back and reflect on your life? Do you see the mistakes you made and wish you could have done things differently? Are those regrets eating you up inside? Well it seems that our country has a whole movement of people that are living out the regrets of the Confederacy and it’s failure to defend slavery and oppression and it’s a grim tale that we’ve watched play out ever since the end of the Civil War.

Let us be brutally honest, shall we? Can we drop the facade for a change and just look at the chain of events that lead us to where we are as a nation right this moment? Can we just admit that the left has had a thirst for vengeance since they lost the war? Can we call out their moves to create socialism and to spin the lies that the left cares about minorities when historically they did nothing while Republicans did everything they could get away with, at the time, to bring levity and justice by ending slavery and demanding equality for minorities? Can we just drop the pretenses and have an honest conversation about what the Democrats are really all about?

It’s a fact that since the fall of the Confederacy the left has scrambled to find ways to restore their party and to do that a long and drawn out process started to take place. It’s evolved and morphed into a whole new level of carnage. It has truly become one of the most vile and evil plots against America of all time. To destroy the Union once and for all. To force the Union to finally fall to globalists who think just like the left. To finally seek their vengeance against those that destroyed their right to own people. To oppress other human beings.

Seems like a harsh accusation but historically, it’s accurate. We know for a fact that socialism is a form of slavery and oppression. We know this because one country after another that’s fallen victim to the enticing fairy tales of how socialism can save the world, has time and again destroyed itself and given rise to dictators and communism. Where the few have all the power and live all the luxuries while the rest suffer in squalor. Where progress is little to nothing because there is no incentive to drive invention and innovation. Where freethinkers are oppressed and ideas are destroyed under the weight of the state the ruling class. Where the police used to watch over the people and now they’re watching the people.

With each passing year after the Civil War we watched as the Democrats attempted to reinvent themselves. They remained the party of racism and slavery because their policies were designed to oppress blacks, their former slaves. Their policies eventually led to a new form of slavery. The “New Deal” was the first major step in putting people back in chains by creating the all powerful government which would be in charge of our money for retirement, would steal from the rich and redistribute to the poor. It was the first major step in pushing socialism in America and gave way to massive government growth which has since been a major drain on the American people having to pay for people that were never needed nor designed to be part of the government. More unelected officials that became part of the government machine. Big brother was given new tools to grow and interfere in your life.

Over the decades since, Democrats have introduced more and more programs to put minorities and the poor in a state of dependence upon government for their way of life. A system that doesn’t attempt to lift people up but to hold them in place so that they can’t quite get ahead and should they try the government yanks and help or assistance away leaving the individual in a state of distress and fear. It’s by design. It’s how socialism literally puts people in chains. It forces them to obey the rules of their masters or suffer the consequences.

Even the education system is riddled with rot through the indoctrination of our children. Parents being told they are no longer in control of their own children. That schools are the ultimate authorities. That teachers can preach to student on social justice and other topics that have nothing to do with a good education and everything to do with teaching kids to obey and do as they’re told because the government and liberals know best. It’s literally going on in our school. We’ve seen teachers bothered by the idea that parents will be able to hear and see what they’re children are being taught. We’ve seen Black Lives Matter content being taught in schools. There is a real agenda being pushed by the left to destroy this country and it is literal slavery and oppression.

There is no denying the riots no matter how hard the left attempts to ignore it or chalk it up to a handful of bad apples making the rest look bad. No this is an organized and militant effort by the left to create chaos which has lead to trillions of dollars in debt and lost revenues and overall harm to the country.

The original sin of the left is their love of slavery and that sin is alive and well to this very day. They’ve reinvented the wheel, told the lie that it works, attempted to call it justice, when the fact is their agenda is shackles and chains for all of America with themselves as the ruling class to walk upon our broken bodies if it comes to that. There is no argument about this, it’s a fact of the actions of the party.

There are no Republicans voting for Joe Biden. None. You can’t be a Republican and actually pull the lever for Biden. To do so is a violation of everything that Lincoln fought against in the Civil War. It is quite literally a blanket endorsement of slavery all over again. Those calling themselves former Republicans or Republicans for Biden are all RINOs and nothing more. They were never Republicans let alone conservatives. They have always been and will always be Democrats.

Reflect. Look back at the history of our country. Look at the actions of Democrats. This is vengeance for the Civil War playing out in the modern day. It’s slavery reinvented. It’s hatred of the Union. It’s hatred of the Constitution. It’s hatred of freeing slaves. It’s a story that has to have an ending but this time, the Confederates must be put asunder once and for all. They must never be permitted to let the south rise again. They must never be permitted to destroy America or all of our lives will be in moral danger.

UpdateD: Welcome to #TH3D3N.

Nearly two months ago now I was made aware of something extremely disturbing as I mentioned in my previous post. I’ve publicly admonished those who claim to be pedophile hunters because they obstruct law enforcement from catching predators and not only that but they violate human rights on a regular basis.

One such group calls themselves “#TH3D3N” or “Dragons” and attempts to make themselves out to be far more effective than they really are. I recall someone saying that in three years they maybe have been responsible for one individual being brought to justice. But that’s not the real problem I have with this group. No, what they did in the midst of all this was one of the most vile and sinister things I’ve witnessed. It makes these people far worse than the predators they claim to chase and report. They are monsters. They are predators. They are evil to the very core.

I could drop a ton of screenshots I’ve been given but consider this the start of a much bigger effort to destroy this group because I want every last screenshot I share to be legitimate and factual. So for the moment the initial post will include the materials I personally have collected and that of close friends that shared things that were being posted from behind blocks in threads I was involved in on Twitter.

This group has made public threats on my life. No, not a joke. The husband of one of these monsters decided he would make a thinly veiled threat on my life because I called his wife a monster. Well, she is. So are each and every single one of the people involved in this group and that stood silently while this happened right in front of them.

Let me introduce you to Sabine. Some call her the German lady. She likes to call herself a dragon and has gone by Eagle on Twitter. She has had dozens of accounts and carried on a war with people on Twitter for what seems like ages now trying to cover up the fact that she was responsible for bringing in a 14 year old boy, who did approach them and told them and others that he knew of a ring of pedophiles that was exploiting underage kids online, into the group to hunt pedophiles online. But the story is far more twisted and one that is going to take a while to explain fully. That kid is now 18 years old. We’ve talked, he’s told me a lot, and what he’s had to say is vile beyond words. What transpired is truly monstrous and epitomizes evil to the very core..

Here’s the stunning admission:

This is Danielle admitting that she did in fact openly help and brought a 14yo into their pedo hunting group. This right here was the public admission made on Twitter from behind a block that she had on my account where I was having a public discussion with Razor about his involvement with #TH3D3N.

This is the conversation I was having with Razor about what happened. This is his admission that he was 14 at the time when #TH3D3N. Keep in mind I had spoken with him only briefly in a private direct message and never once had I asked him about anything that had transpired. I only asked him if what I had learned was true and then offered my support. So he had no idea that I was about to do this in the public eye.

They were so outraged by my involvement that the husband of one of these monsters took offence to the fact that I called her out. He literally makes a threat on my life. If that’s not an outright admission of guilt and an attempt to intimidate and silence me, then I have no clue what you call this. And even more disturbing is the tweet which follows.

The tweet was just passed to me as I was writing this post. The very fact that these monsters boasted about harming someone that also happened to be part of the LGBT community, who was harmed as a result of doxxing the wrong person. The fact that #TH3D3N thinks this is okay and somehow has gotten away with this is truly disturbing.

Anytime they are confronted by those who oppose what it is they do these people will start attacking you personally. They will attempt to find information about you on social media, they will call you a pedophile enabler, they will claim that you are a pedophile outright. They don’t care about slandering the character of people. They don’t care about physically harming people. These people act like the monsters that they claim to hate so much. They’ve become the very evil they supposedly despise.

So where does it end? It doesn’t.

This is what happens when you challenge them. They turn the argument into accusations towards you. They make claims that you are a pedophile. That you are an enabler. As if it wasn’t bad enough when they decided to make threats on my life, this is the sort of thing that they do. And there’s more.

People that were fully aware of the fact that he was 14 at the time decided that it was okay because they weren’t there. They even tried to make it sound like it was justified. He did it to himself they say. Since when does a 14yo decide for adults that it’s okay for them to use him to chase after predators online. To transport child pornography to a Discord server where it can then be “used” for some sinister purpose. Extortion perhaps?

A soft heart for protecting kids? How is it protecting kids when you literally justified her taking him into the pedo hunter group, a child, and using him to go after predators? The adults had the ability to say no, they didn’t and this monster literally justified the acts of Sabine and #TH3D3N because a child made the choice for them. Where is the logic, the compassion, the morality of the adults in this?

This is the delusion that these people live in. They think so highly of themselves they are willing drop threatening messages and use images of dragons to act like they’re all powerful. They literally live in an illusion. A fantasy world where they believe they are moving the needle. They are literally vigilantes that have committed acts of unthinkable violence against kids and even the wrong people.

Here’s the problem. First off we already have the admission by Razor that he reached out at the age of 14 to adults for help to shut down a pedo ring. She comes back and says she trained him at the age of 16 but that’s not the least bit true. At 16 is when he walked away from them and that left the den to attack him repeatedly. He’s 18 years of age now and this has been going on for 2 years after he left.

The individual who originally started #OpPedoHunt had this to say about people like the den. But this isn’t what really caught my attention.

Kittie confirms what Razor stated about his being used by the den at the age of 14. As you can see others were involved in this conversation and all of the others that were part of this conversation saw the same thing I did. An admission from an adult who truly cared about kids who knew what the den had done to Razor.

In the days that followed my initial release of this article I was attacked repeatedly on Twitter. Information from over a decade noting my old address and other personal information was put out. Pictures of unrelated people, pictures of children, and personal information of others was put out by accounts related to the den that were quickly suspended as these were throwaway accounts to be used to threaten and doxx myself and others.

This along with a number of other tweets were reported by the den because they didn’t like the fact that I was calling them out in public, again. They started harassing me after I had left them alone for over a month. Just decided to start blowing up an old tweet in order to start a fight because I would not take down tweets openly showing admissions and threats by them. So when I reacted, when I told them how I felt. Of course they attempted to report the tweets.

This is Sabine. She attempts to make wild claims all the time about others that have opposed the den. While she says she is not part of the den / dragons she will defend and spin their lies even when they discard her and treat her like trash. Here she is making a false claim about Anonymous being the originators of the OpPedoHunter group. She’s is not Anonymous nor Qanon or anything of the sort. She’s an older German woman that is mentally unwell and constantly finds herself in the center of fights with people on Twitter all to defend people that used a 14 year old young man to hunt pedophiles online.

Now remember, a bit ago Kittie just asserted that the den was using OpPedoHunt to make money? To glamorize what it is they’re doing? Obviously Kittie wasn’t lying. Here we have one of them attempting to profit from merch using the attention on the den and their fake pedo hunting mission.

It became all about promoting what they were doing to make money. They didn’t care about the damage they were doing or the fact that they used a kid to help them catch actual predators. Keep in mind most of these people are mentally unhealthy and some with criminal records that would make you cringe. These aren’t good people by any stretch of the imagination.

I am always happy to continue revising and updating this article with any new information that people would like to share. I’m continuing to gather screenshots and go through information that I’ve already been given so that people can see what exactly these people are up to, what they’re about, and the monstrous activities they’ve involved themselves in all for the same of fame and money.

It’s never been about kids. It’s never been about doing what was right. That’s why I’m continuing this effort to expose them for as long as it takes to make sure that the right people see this and take actions to bring these criminals to justice.

I would encourage anyone that has information regarding these people to please contact me directly via email. I have setup an email address specifically for this website as a point of contact.

I’m a survivor.

I’ve waited a long time to work up the courage to write about this in detail but after the last few days and a chain of events that must lead to consequences for a handful of people, I’m ready to tell my story and it’s important that I do before I post something that I find utterly disturbing.

First of all let me preface by saying that I was not an abused child.  I had a good home in midwest America in a very liberal state and in a very liberal town.  The problem was that it was the 1970s and 80s when I was growing up and a lot of bad things were going on that did have an impact on my life but those things had yet to really have an impact on my life at the time this story takes place.  Simply said, I had a good family but had issues of my own and with my parents that made it quite easy for what happened…  To happen.

I remember him.  Big thick rimmed glasses, skinny, smelled of cigarettes, beer, in his 40s, with a typical left over from the 70s big cheesy mustache. Hell he looked like a skinny version of Burt Reynolds.  He was a predator.  I had no idea at the time what that was or what he was up to.

I was a latchkey kid.  I was also a very free spirit.  I also by this time had a clue that I liked boys.  I knew nothing about actual sex.  I was 13 years old at the time.  I was out running around, hanging out at the bowling alley or at the YMCA in the pool swimming, or out at the lake fishing, or running around town with friends.  I had a bike and kids being kidnapped wasn’t something I was even aware went on in my safe rural town.  But I digress…  Bob Cook was his name.  I’ll never forget the man.

I was always hanging out at the bowling alley because there was a pool hall upstairs and it was just down the street from my school.  So all of my friends would gather there to play pool or go bowling since we could do that really cheap as kids and especially on the weekdays.  Bob was always hanging out there. He bowled with one of the local leagues.  He also hung around the arcade room a lot when we were around.  He was friendly.  No one thought anything about the guy.  I think he might have even been married. I have no clue.

I was having difficult times at home.  My folks and I fought a lot.  I was staying out later and later and many times wouldn’t come home till after 1am.  I had a lot of personal issues that I couldn’t talk about.  I was a typical kid.  But I was a gay kid living in a world where as I had come to understand, I could be killed or badly hurt if people found out I was gay.  I was confused.  I was scared.  I was a typical sexually driven teenager that had come into his own a little earlier than some kids.  I was very aware but had no clue what to do or who to talk to or anything for that matter.  But I was looking for an outlet.  What I ended up with was a nightmare that nearly killed me because I lived my life in fear every single day after Bob had managed to find an avenue to manipulate me into coming with him, very late at night, drink beer, and then…  then..

He raped me.

I’m certainly not going to go into the details. As I’m writing this I can hardly believe what I’m saying.  I’ve never ever, ever told anyone beyond my parents about this.  I didn’t tell them till I was in my 20s, happily at the time, with my boyfriend in my own home that I bought after being out on my own for over 10 years by this time.  I had moved out on my own at age 16.  I had barely been home for the year before my 16th birthday because by that time I was running away all the time.  My life was upside down.  I had so many bad things happen over those few years.  A friend in jail for a murder he didn’t commit.  Other people I knew and considered friends that were like mentors to me growing up, on the run for growing pot.  Other friends of mine I lost contact with after their dad had literally murdered and butchered their mom.  No, this isn’t fiction, it really happened.

Yeah that was my small town 1970s middle America, safe town.  And I was the victim of a pedophile for 2 years.  One that manipulated me using drugs and alcohol.  One that used fear and guilt to keep me under control.  One that made sure that I never uttered a word to a soul because I could be beaten, killed, or worse.  These are the things he made sure I was painfully aware of..  For two years..

You know the worst part?  He wasn’t the only one that did this to me.  A few years later I was living on my own about 6 hours away from my hometown.  I was with my grandmother.  Helping her out.  I got a job.  It was my boss.  Jerry Luper.  Won’t forget that man either.  I was still a minor at the time by the way.  He’d pulled the give the kid some beer trick and get me drunk.. Then raped me too.

So let me say this clearly.  I hate.  I hate with every fiber of my being.  Pedophiles.  I was so mentally destroyed for so long.  I did so many drugs.  I was doing cocaine, meth, smoking crack, drinking…  I was a complete and total disaster for some time.  I did manage to pick myself up with some help from friends.  People that are now my family.  People that took me in.  People that forgave me for stupid things I did and still to this day love me enough to call me son, brother, grandson..  friend.

I hate who I once was.  I see what happened to me.  I almost became a victim of the LGBT community as well at one point.  A victim of their drug culture.  Their party scenes.  Their unprotected sex and drug parties.  I was lucky.  Unlike some that ended up paying the price with their very lives.

I know a lot about pedophiles.  I learned a lot about them to deal with what had happened to me.  I hated them.  I wanted revenge.  I wanted more than that.  I wanted justice.  But I wanted my kind of justice.  I wanted to expose them.  And I started asking questions.  A lot of questions.  And doing a lot of reading.  And listening to a lot of people.  I was an IRC operator, I ran my own network servers on various IRC networks.  I had youth support channels on several networks.  A website where people could look up local resources for queer and questioning youth.  Where PFLAG and The Trevor project could be easily found for kids that needed hope and help.

That’s also when I learned why it was wrong for private citizens to go after sexual predators online.  Because nothing I provided law enforcement could be used in court.  Because information over the internet can be easily fabricated and made to look authentic.  Because law enforcement have very specific rules on chain of evidence so they can prosecute predators they hunt online.

That’s also when I learned that citizens taking the law into their own hands can also lead to consequences for children.  Driving a predator further into hiding.  Forcing them to act on their impulses if they’re driven offline and into hiding.  Presenting a problem that frustrates their predatory desires.  Even motivating them to take the next steps and go after an actual child.

I survived.  I came out a stronger, wiser, and more motivated person on the other side of the hell I went through and to a degree put myself through because I never confronted problems as a kid and didn’t tell adults what was going on either.  But I was scared.  We knew about people being beaten and killed for being gay.  I at least had an excuse for some of my behavior because anyone that grew up when I did, knows very well what I’m saying is true.

The gay plague.  AIDS.  It was God’s wrath on us gay people.  There was no cure.  We’re all going to get it and die.  If we came out we risked being beaten up, losing our jobs, our lives.

My life was hard but it was my life and I got through it.  It gave me the courage to tell my story today.  It gave me the ability to share a bit about what life was like before you could live out in the open like so many gay people are able to enjoy today.  We’ve come a very long way.  It’s not perfect.  Yes some still dislike us.  But we don’t have to hide anymore.  We are accepted by so many people.  So many people that show so much love for so many of us regardless our political backgrounds.  Gay people are finding acceptance and love in society that they never enjoyed just 50 short years ago.

I survived.  I made it.  And no predator of any sort will ever threaten me or give me a reason to retreat.  I’ve seen too many of them get away with things that they should never be permitted to get away with.  Hollywood.  Politicians..  There must be justice for those of us who didn’t survive the attack on our innocence.  There must be consequences for those that create obstruction for law enforcement to capture and restrain online predators as well.

That said, I’ll have more on that very soon.  But I wanted all of you to know.  I post quite a bit about or on topics related to child predators on Twitter because for the first time in my life, under this president.  Sex trafficking and pedophiles are being attacked on a level I’ve never seen.  And that makes my suffering worthwhile to see this day when predators are on the run each and every day.  When people like Epstein are exposed and a massive number of people are now on the run and scared because of what may come out as a result of his arrest and that of any associated with him.

I am for the first time in my life finally at peace with all that I suffered because Donald Trump..  His administration.  Is cracking down on predators on a record level that needs to be talked about soon.

More soon..  Thanks for reading..

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