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A Time For Choosing Is Right Now.

John F Kennedy said in a speech April 27, 1961:

The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.

I believe that those words are important today. It sheds a light upon an issue that I believe is central to the destruction of our freedom as we’ve seen a great many things unfold in America that many others have historically warned citizens of happening right here in America if we did not regulate and manage our government properly.

The most recent example of presidents warning Americans about this danger is of course Donald J. Trump. His voice is not the most important one over the last 60 years that spoke directly to the people every chance he could. No, that man would be Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was far from a perfect president but he embodied the first real look at the conservative movement within the Republican party that stood to change American values for the better while attempting to preserve tradition. He might have been a man of God but he held no ill will towards the gay community. Many religious right wing Republicans as well as Democrats seized on this to attack minority groups in the country at the time. Both political parties have things they should be ashamed of because both had mainstream movements that were vile and hateful.

He cared about seeing America achieve a balanced budget. He highlighted problems with government spending, the size of government, the lack of efficiency of government, the wasteful nature of government, and how it was misused to enrich a political and elite class of people. He warned that good things seldom came from government that were good for the people. He told us that the private sector was always a better option that putting trust in government.

Regular American citizens stopped getting involved in government and started allowing for a select few to operate the business of the country. The stopped paying attention to the real dangers lurking in society. The myth that either party truly cares about the needs of the people has been sold on generations of Americans that had no clue that their freedoms, the stability of our country, our traditions, our values, were all being stolen quietly because regular people stopped getting involved in the day to day of our government from local all the way to federal government.

We now have a president that isn’t really the president as a result of corruption in every level of government and a media that was supposed to watch out for the people that got in bed with the elite political class and corporations that control so much of our society. Whether these people believe they are doing good things or not is irrelevant. The facts demonstrate that they are looking out for their own interests while telling the rest of us to fight one another all the time and on every possible platform.

So while Democrats are currently trying to sell the people on the idea of unity, they are stoking the flames of hate and using their militant groups to keep America unstable and funding social justice messages that have no basis in reality. While Republicans are trying to act like they care about the injustice and lawlessness that just transpired in the 2020 election, they too are seeking to regain control of the party they corrupted and stole away from the people.

The American people have a choice. Those who truly believe that our country is at risk must start removing establishment candidates in both parties from office through every legal means possible. Whether through recalls, elections, or even seeking criminal charges for those that have violated the law. It’s either do that or it’s a cry for civil war in this country which is exactly what our enemies want. An unstable America means that the light of freedom is dimming and evil can proceed to go on unchecked all over the world.

Part of the problem is that evil resides in the White House and in Congress right now. They will do all they can to attack the rights of Americans. Some cities, counties, and even states are attempting to thwart any directives from the federal government that violate the Constitutional rights of citizens. That’s a great start. But what really helps is when regular people start running for office and start demanding of their government a permanent restructure of how it operates such as term limits and fiscal responsibility.

I posted a tweet today to Scott Pressler asking him to run for office because we need LGBT voices like his to represent the very best of the gay community in government. He even liked that tweet which I was deeply honored to see that he had taken notice of and I also posted as part of the tweet that I wasn’t going to ask him to do something that I wasn’t willing to do myself. I made a decision to accept a position for a candidate for Mayor in Cuyahoga Falls. She asked me to be her liaison to the LGBT community. She’s running as a Republican but I assure you, she’s a Constitutional Conservative in her thinking. She’s a Christian. She’s a mom, a wife, a nurse, and she also happens to be related to me through my marriage. So she is family as well.

It would seem that people don’t take this seriously enough. We have to make a choice, right here and now. We have to be willing to step up and change our country for right and good and turn back the damage that decades of ignorance and mismanagement have done to our country. We have to take personal responsibility and start owning this mistake. It might have been the boomer generation that helped to create this and push America towards the brink but it was their parents that demonstrated courage in the face of evil and fought to preserve freedom in our country and to help spread that light and good to other countries all over the world.

My generation is equally to blame for the state of things. GenX folks were made to ignore the problems in government. They were the first generation to suffer the initial wave of indoctrination through the education system as it was federally imposed by Jimmy Carter on an unsuspecting nation. My husband’s generation even more so responsible for having no clue about history, freedom, the threat of communism and socialism. It’s time for all of us no matter our age, to wake up and stand up for what is right or risk losing it all.

So the time for choosing is now. Not tomorrow or a year from now. You have to make a choice or suffer the loss of freedom for generations of unborn Americans. You must decide if you are going to be the light and good that the world needs or if you will suffer under the boots of oppression and hate for the sake of just trying to live your life without being noticed. Do you want America to be like China? Russia? If not, choose freedom and fight now. Get out and run for office, get involved, vote, and more than ever spread truth so that the crimes we’re seeing unfold and go unpunished, are finally brought to justice.

God bless you all.

-R Andrews

Will Civil War Destroy America?

For weeks since the election people all over the country have speculated, after witnessing the disenfranchisement of American voters on a historic level, that the country is heading towards another Civil War. Some of us believe that this is in fact something that the American people should prepare for because of recent past events that demonstrate the will of the American people is not something to be tampered with by government.

It’s not even mere speculation that there was voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. The extent of how much fraud took place might never be known to the American people. One thing is for certain, Joe Biden did not garner more votes than Barack Obama did because at no point were voters that enthused about Biden where they would have came out to vote in such numbers for him. As a matter of fact we know from the sheer numbers that Trump couldn’t have lost to Biden in a fair and legitimate election. My opinion, my view, my experience over the last 50 years. Biden is a career criminal. Americans knew it. People didn’t come out to vote for him in massive numbers during the primaries and he barely managed to stay in the race.

With the level of corruption we’ve seen in government it’s no wonder there is talk about states severing ties with the federal government. It’s not a surprise to see people talking about taking up arms against the government either. But in case some of you forgot, during the Obama era, American patriots were ready to take up arms against the Bureau of Land Management in the case of Cliven Bundy. I’m sure some of you forgot about that incident that continued for some time. I’m sure some of you forgot about the images of armed men in places of cover waiting for BLM to make a move that they felt would justify firing upon government agents as well.

Americans aren’t afraid of their government, much to the dismay of Democrats. Our founding fathers made it crystal clear that the people should be feared by government and they built in mechanisms and left words of wisdom as a warning to future generations that the American people had a duty, an obligation, and a right to take up arms against a government that engages in acts of tyranny. Democrats have demonstrated a will to disarm the people and do unjust harm to the people of this country for generations now. We’re now just a breath away from a storm that will sweep this nation and create devastation on a new level never seen on our soil. It’s not speculation, it’s a fact, that the people are angry enough to turn to violence as a final act of resolve to bring our federal government back in line with the Constitution.

The rights of the people are being violated on a daily basis by not only the federal government but on the part of state and local governments as well. All it’s going to take is a single spark to light a fire that will sweep this country and send a shockwave around the world. Americans taking up arms against their government as a demonstration that we the people outnumber and out gun our government in ways that Democrats have never imagined. There are other factors the left has ignored as well and it is to their detriment that they ignore the peril that they have placed themselves and their zealot followers in at this point.

Let’s remember that an unlawful order is still unlawful. So let’s remember that the majority of our military will not engage in unlawful acts and will revolt against orders that violate the Constitutional rights of the American people. The Democrats thought to change that under Obama but it failed. The majority of military members identify still to this day as Republican / Conservative minded individuals. That’s because their service is enshrined in the Constitution as the means to protect the country and the people as well as to their highest duty to uphold the law blazed in the writings of the Constitution.

If Democrats are counting on the ability to use the military against the people, should a revolution or civil war takes place, they’ll be sadly disappointed that our military will have its own internal conflict and fight to deal with and the outcome of that will always fall against communist elements that have taken over the Democratic Party. Our military is comprised of patriots on every level and they would never allow the firepower that is used to protect this country to be used against the people. No matter who gives the order, our military is not for use against the people of this country. Armed patriots standing against an unlawful government is not a threat to our national security. It’s a threat to criminals who would commit acts of treason against this country and the people who are the ultimate authority over not only that government, but the military itself.

Our country has troubled times ahead from the looks of things. I don’t know whether a war is going to break out or not but I certainly think at this point the likelihood of such an event taking place is higher than at any point since the Civil War. I think that patriots see Joe Biden and the Democrats as true enemies of the people. I think patriots see big tech and the media as enemies of the people. I think that over half of this country sees these people as a threat to the future of humanity and to the sanctity of freedom and liberty not just in this country but around the world as well.

The media has done a great disservice to the people of this country. A free press was supposed to keep government in check but rather our free press has become a partisan propaganda machine for criminals that have taken over our government at every level. The rights of a free press are a part of our Constitution but when that free press becomes a mouthpiece for a collective of people who seek to destroy the rights and freedoms of the people of this country, they too become complicit in acts of sedition against the country. They too should be made to pay the ultimate price for their part in attacking our Constitution and the country. They too should stand trial and be punished for their willful acts to destroy our country.

While I am not calling for violence and acts of war against the country, I am calling for those who are watching this unfold to be wary of anything you see and hear coming from any of the mainstream media. I’d advise being equally wary of anything out of any government official no matter the party affiliation. I would be mindful of the fact that these people wish to remain in power and will say or do anything to keep getting paid big money they don’t deserve, to help destroy the country we live in if they’re not actively calling for justice against those harming our country.

So is war coming? I’m certain that it is. When? Who knows. But it is coming. If I were the average citizen that cares about this country and your families, I would be or become very well armed and ready for anything at this point. Patriots have behaved up till now. That time is coming to an end and many have said as much. Take a stroll over to Rumble and see for yourself. Many are actively telling representatives that the time for peace and talking is coming to an end. They’re warning people. They mean business. Don’t think these are idle words. That would be a big mistake. One that will sadly cost lives if people aren’t prepared.

I know it’s almost Christmas and this sounds like a doom and gloom message but we’re fighting to preserve tradition and values that Americans care about deeply. They feel violated and rightfully so.

So embrace your family this Christmas and show them the love you want them to see from you. It might be one of the last peaceful holiday seasons we see for a very long time to come if we continue down this path.

God bless you all and may he protect you and keep you from harm.


Do you ever look back and reflect on your life? Do you see the mistakes you made and wish you could have done things differently? Are those regrets eating you up inside? Well it seems that our country has a whole movement of people that are living out the regrets of the Confederacy and it’s failure to defend slavery and oppression and it’s a grim tale that we’ve watched play out ever since the end of the Civil War.

Let us be brutally honest, shall we? Can we drop the facade for a change and just look at the chain of events that lead us to where we are as a nation right this moment? Can we just admit that the left has had a thirst for vengeance since they lost the war? Can we call out their moves to create socialism and to spin the lies that the left cares about minorities when historically they did nothing while Republicans did everything they could get away with, at the time, to bring levity and justice by ending slavery and demanding equality for minorities? Can we just drop the pretenses and have an honest conversation about what the Democrats are really all about?

It’s a fact that since the fall of the Confederacy the left has scrambled to find ways to restore their party and to do that a long and drawn out process started to take place. It’s evolved and morphed into a whole new level of carnage. It has truly become one of the most vile and evil plots against America of all time. To destroy the Union once and for all. To force the Union to finally fall to globalists who think just like the left. To finally seek their vengeance against those that destroyed their right to own people. To oppress other human beings.

Seems like a harsh accusation but historically, it’s accurate. We know for a fact that socialism is a form of slavery and oppression. We know this because one country after another that’s fallen victim to the enticing fairy tales of how socialism can save the world, has time and again destroyed itself and given rise to dictators and communism. Where the few have all the power and live all the luxuries while the rest suffer in squalor. Where progress is little to nothing because there is no incentive to drive invention and innovation. Where freethinkers are oppressed and ideas are destroyed under the weight of the state the ruling class. Where the police used to watch over the people and now they’re watching the people.

With each passing year after the Civil War we watched as the Democrats attempted to reinvent themselves. They remained the party of racism and slavery because their policies were designed to oppress blacks, their former slaves. Their policies eventually led to a new form of slavery. The “New Deal” was the first major step in putting people back in chains by creating the all powerful government which would be in charge of our money for retirement, would steal from the rich and redistribute to the poor. It was the first major step in pushing socialism in America and gave way to massive government growth which has since been a major drain on the American people having to pay for people that were never needed nor designed to be part of the government. More unelected officials that became part of the government machine. Big brother was given new tools to grow and interfere in your life.

Over the decades since, Democrats have introduced more and more programs to put minorities and the poor in a state of dependence upon government for their way of life. A system that doesn’t attempt to lift people up but to hold them in place so that they can’t quite get ahead and should they try the government yanks and help or assistance away leaving the individual in a state of distress and fear. It’s by design. It’s how socialism literally puts people in chains. It forces them to obey the rules of their masters or suffer the consequences.

Even the education system is riddled with rot through the indoctrination of our children. Parents being told they are no longer in control of their own children. That schools are the ultimate authorities. That teachers can preach to student on social justice and other topics that have nothing to do with a good education and everything to do with teaching kids to obey and do as they’re told because the government and liberals know best. It’s literally going on in our school. We’ve seen teachers bothered by the idea that parents will be able to hear and see what they’re children are being taught. We’ve seen Black Lives Matter content being taught in schools. There is a real agenda being pushed by the left to destroy this country and it is literal slavery and oppression.

There is no denying the riots no matter how hard the left attempts to ignore it or chalk it up to a handful of bad apples making the rest look bad. No this is an organized and militant effort by the left to create chaos which has lead to trillions of dollars in debt and lost revenues and overall harm to the country.

The original sin of the left is their love of slavery and that sin is alive and well to this very day. They’ve reinvented the wheel, told the lie that it works, attempted to call it justice, when the fact is their agenda is shackles and chains for all of America with themselves as the ruling class to walk upon our broken bodies if it comes to that. There is no argument about this, it’s a fact of the actions of the party.

There are no Republicans voting for Joe Biden. None. You can’t be a Republican and actually pull the lever for Biden. To do so is a violation of everything that Lincoln fought against in the Civil War. It is quite literally a blanket endorsement of slavery all over again. Those calling themselves former Republicans or Republicans for Biden are all RINOs and nothing more. They were never Republicans let alone conservatives. They have always been and will always be Democrats.

Reflect. Look back at the history of our country. Look at the actions of Democrats. This is vengeance for the Civil War playing out in the modern day. It’s slavery reinvented. It’s hatred of the Union. It’s hatred of the Constitution. It’s hatred of freeing slaves. It’s a story that has to have an ending but this time, the Confederates must be put asunder once and for all. They must never be permitted to let the south rise again. They must never be permitted to destroy America or all of our lives will be in moral danger.

22 times Trump Supported gay rights!

This was provided for us to share via Twitter @GaysForTrumpUSA

Their official website:

Sources at the bottom.

1. In the State of the Union Address on February 5, 2019, President Donald J. Trump announced his Administration’s goal to end the HIV epidemic in the United States within 10 years. Bold actions that benefited the LGBT community. The Administration and Congress have approved additional resources to begin this multiyear initiative focused on ending the HIV epidemic in America by 2030.

2. Trump, in his address to world leaders, said: “We stand in solidarity with LGBTQ people who live in countries that punish, jail or execute individuals based upon sexual orientation.” This came about after Iranian regime has put a gay man to death with the usual outrageous claims of prostitution, kidnapping, or even pedophilia. And it sadly won’t be the last time,” R. Grenell

3. Picking Richard Grinnell in 2017 as ambassador to Germany. Highest openly gay government official appointed by Trump.

4. Trump was the First republican president to congratulate and note gay pride month (3rd in history).

5. Kept the executive order which created federal workplace protections for LGBT people. The[White House stated, “President Trump continues to be respectful and supportive of L.G.B.T.Q. rights, just as he was throughout the election,” the statement said. “The president is proud to have been the first ever G.O.P. nominee to mention the L.G.B.T.Q. community in his nomination acceptance speech, pledging then to protect the community from violence and oppression.”

6. 2019 Mary Rowland who is open lesbian as a judge on the US district court in northern Illinois. Making her the first openly LGBT Judicial nominee under the Trump presidency

7. Trump nominated Patrick Bumatay an openly gay man in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Who was denied by Democrats.

8. On February 10, 2020, the White House released President Donald Trump’s Fiscal Year 2021 Federal Budget proposal. The FY2021 Budget includes $716 million for the second year of the multiyear ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America (EHE) initiative to eliminate HIV in America. The FY2021 Budget proposal includes:

-$371 million for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to reduce new HIV infections;

-$302 million for Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to deliver HIV care through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) and to supply testing, evaluation, prescription of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and associated medical costs through the Health Centers program;

-$27 million to the Indian Health Service (IHS) to tackle the epidemic in American Indian and Alaska Native communities; and

-$10 million for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for evaluation activities to identify effective interventions to treat and prevent HIV.

9. Trump wants to make pre-exposure prophylactics (PREP) free for those who are uninsured greatly helping his HIV reduction goals in the next ten years.

10. Brandon Straka openly gay man convert into a TRUMP loving gay American. He created the #walkaway campaign that hundreds of thousands have left the corrupt Democratic party and joined Trump in his pursuit to Make America Great Again.

11. Trump gave the order to neutralized Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani who was responsible for the GENOCIDE of over 1500 gay Iranians

12. In November of 2016 Trump is the first president in history to support gay marriage at the time before his election. This was during a 60 Minutes interview.

13. Openly gay Randy William Berry served as the first special envoy for human and LGBT rights. Nominated by Donald Trump as the US Ambassador of Nepal in May 2018

14. Openly gay Robert Gilchrist ambassador of Lithuania. Nominated by Trump

15. Eric George Nelson openly gay ambassador of Bosnia Nominated by Trump

16. Jeff Daigle of Cabo Verde openly gay ambassador. Nominated by Trump

17. Trump stated that he would have no problems voting for a GAY president Trump stated that he would support Pete Buttigieg as an openly gay President

18. Richard Grinnell now appointed by Trump as the director of the intelligence committee. The first openly gay Cabinet Member in history.

19. Trump administration eases ban on blood donations for LGBTs

20. The Trump administration is curbing intelligence sharing operations with allied countries that criminalize homosexuality, a move that would expand on the administration’s 2019 plan to push nearly 70 countries to end the practice of killing, arresting, or punishing homosexuality.

21. Trump gave Grenell the first openly gay cabinet member his chair which is not commonly done – why Trump said “you are the first openly gay secretary and it is a big deal!”

22. Republican Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, (appointed by Trump) pointed out that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 adopted broad language that prohibits private companies from discriminating against employees on the basis of “sex,” seen at the time as a historic step for women’s rights. Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh (appointed by Trump),in a dissent that argues that it was Congress’ role to “amend” Title VII to include LGBT employees under the protections, nonetheless noted the historic nature of the decision. “Millions of gay and lesbian Americans have worked hard for many decades to achieve equal treatment in fact and in law,” Kavanaugh wrote.
Judge Jeanine Fox News.

Debunking the self loathing argument

For decades now the left has used language as a weapon to attack the right with abandon. It’s always the same steady stream of lies and repetitive justification argument that falls flat when we look at actual facts. Republicans are racists. A fact debunked by the very existence of the Republican party. At the time of the Civil War, there were no Republican slave owners. The party of Lincoln also enjoyed being the party that represented black Americans first in the Senate and House.

There is all sorts of history that demonstrates the Republican Party does not represent racism. There are always isolated individuals. But then the argument becomes that a group of those who are certainly racist, represent the entire party. This too is a false narrative that has never held up to logical or historical scrutiny. The black community has been represented by educated and amazing black men in both the Democrat and Republican party both. The simple fact remains, it was a very long time before black representatives were elected under the banner of the Democrat Party.

What about the argument that LGBTQ people who vote against Democrats are self loathing? This is not only a fabrication with no factual data to support such a claim, it’s quite nearly impossible to hate yourself if you are voting for Republicans based upon the party aligning itself with conservative constitutional values. It’s quite literally meant to be an attack on the character of someone who doesn’t conform by voting and regurgitating party talking points like a Muppet.

At one time LGBTQ people who could not be represented by the mainstream Republican party did in fact find a home with the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that has outlived its usefulness in my opinion. While it was a place to find representation within the Republican party they have done nothing in my lifetime of any value to get their message out to the rest of the LGBTQ community. To this day I can’t tell you the last time I heard anything from them that was even remotely helpful to bringing over voters to the party from the LGBTQ community. No outreach, no support, not a single thing that I can remotely recall hearing about.

So what is this self loathing argument really about? I’m sure most of you reading this already know the basic reasoning behind it. It’s an attack. A shame tactic. A literally bully pulpit tactic to silence opposition. It’s not based in truth. It’s weaponized language. The left has done it to black people for decades before the LGBTQ community became a more viable target and more visible to the public. We’ve seen how Democrats treat the black community and anyone that even thinks about speaking out against the rhetoric of liberals. They are called Uncle Tom, shamed for voting against their race, told they hate themselves, accused of heading back to the plantations. Odd how it was all southern Democrats that owned those plantations. All of those slaves. How were these good people who were voting their heart in what they believed, possibly seeking to head back to the plantations? That never made sense to me.

The same is true of the LGBT community except the circumstances. It’s language meant to shame people into submission. The most volatile individuals who hate LGBTQ people who vote for conservatives are, of course, other gay people. The language becomes vicious. The hatred and contempt. LGBTQ people who have already come out once weather a second storm when they come out a second time and others in the community catch wind of it. Suddenly you’ve become a social pariah. A traitor. You’ve literally been shoved back into the closet if you wish to have any meaningful contact with another human being in hopes of find a connection that isn’t a crazy Nazi queer that would possibly kill you in your sleep for being anything but a Democrat.

You think I’m kidding about that last part, but I’m not. I recently saw a tweet from an 18yo confused person that thinks it is a transgender person. It basically stated that it wanted to go around and sleep with boomers, kill them, and take all their stuff to go and sell. They hate older gays because supposedly they’re the problem. Disturbingly it didn’t seem to discriminate against the idea of killing people regardless of political affiliation but, it was certainly a communist liberal clown.

Liberalism dictates your victim status and you must comply or you must be destroyed. That’s the bottom line. No matter what victim classification you might be, there is no exceptions and they don’t take any prisoners. They regurgitate the same unsubstantiated claims over and over. If they repeat it often enough, say it loud enough, then it must be true in their mind. There is one simple little problem. When asked to cite any data that supports these claims they have none. The shaming of blacks or the shaming of LGBTQ people is the exact same unsupported claim.

Those who use such arguments are simply looking to dominate an exchange. They feel if they can put you on the defensive they’ve won the day. It doesn’t matter if you tell them they’re incorrect or lying. That doesn’t force the issue. You literally have to charge them to find a citation that demonstrates conclusive evidence that such a thing even exists let alone is factually supported by an unbiased source.

Anyone that tells me that I am self loathing because I vote as a Constitutional Conservative has a big problem of their own. They’re demonstrating their insecurities by not being able to debate issues on evidence. They’ve simply reverted to grade school antics and aren’t worth engaging further.