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Recently I have been shifting away from mainstream social media and looking for other outlets because of the simple fact that companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and others have engaged in a full scale war against the American people. They’ve also demonstrated that they are permitted to do whatever they like and our government refuses to reign them in and stop them from destroying our rights to free speech here in America.

This brings questions for many people. Where do we go? What do we do? Who do we turn to now? All the while people have forgotten about long popular networks where time has stood still. Where control over the domain in which users interacted, truly was in the hands of the users themselves. Where you could create your own place to chat in a room with like minded people without advertising spewing across your chats. Where you could remove disturbances without a second thought.

IRC didn’t die and as a matter of fact it remains still one of the most used forms of communication for large numbers of users who want open discussion without the hassles that come with social media. One of those things is the need to have access to personal information. IRC doesn’t want your actual name, telephone number, home address, bank account information, and other personal details about you. Heck, if you get on the right network these days you’re far safer chatting with others in an anonymous fashion than on any social media network anywhere in the world.

You can connect to them using encrypted connections. Where you can hide your hostname information from the rest of the world with virtual addresses provided through network services. You can secure your nickname on the networks. You can create and to a certain degree even own channels with channel registration services. You can limit the number of people that join your channels. You can operate bots for games, you can chat about nearly anything you like without being spied upon. You can do a lot more and give up a lot less just by taking a step backward in time.

Example of actual user information on IRC. Spoofed hostname showing encrypted connection to network.

Internet Relay Chat has evolved and is used still widely today but most people opt for the convenience of social media because of the connections to friends. Well in the age of cellphones, why do you need yet another way to connect to friends? Why not just text them? Virtual friends online? Create a virtual phone number on one of the many services out there and have it forward messages to you phone if you’re so worried about giving your phone number out.

IRC didn’t translate to the mobile phone user as easily as it should have, I admit. But there are clients out there that allow you to use IRC still on mobile devices. You just have to look around and see what’s out there and decide for yourself what suits your needs best.

There are new sites emerging that are allowing users to walk away from companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Google. It’s going to take some time for there to be places where the public can trust big tech to manage our information responsibly or protect our rights and freedoms. The simple fact is that right now, people need a way to communicate with one another and things like IRC work best if people are truly wanting to start organizing and creating a movement that isn’t seen by so many eyes.

My fiance and I both have withdrawn from most of our social media now. I keep Facebook because of family but I’ve locked my account down, removed as much personal information as possible, and use it to help promote this website but even that’s about to change soon. I’ll be using this site almost exclusively for more content that I want to focus on and use the search engine tools to help bring new traffic for the content that we want to share with others.

In the meantime we’ve taken extreme measures to get rid of big tech eyes in our life and start working towards using tools that help us communicate with people without having to be spied upon. Where we can talk about things without having to worry about an advertisement popping up in our face related to things we’ve been talking about offline. I mean how many times have you spoken about something at home and suddenly Facebook or Twitter suddenly have ads relevant to what you were speaking about? You think your phones aren’t listening to what you’re talking about? You think Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, and others aren’t using their software to access your voice at home and listening in so they can target ads to you? We’ve seen it happen repeatedly over the last 5 years and we’ve even tested it to make sure that we weren’t just crazy.

Removing specific browsers, using VPNs, using IRC, locking down any social media you to use and restricting access to your personal information. These are things all of us need to start looking at doing if we’re going to take this invasion by social media seriously. We should all be thinking about how to use whatever resources we can to change the conversation. The sooner we do the sooner big tech finds out that they no longer rule our lives. It’s time the people start tearing these networks down. It’s time we speak by not speaking through them at all.

Parler, Rumble, Gab, and other networks are coming up and we should support them within reason. But we should be willing to also consider taking a step back if we are to change course and step out in a new direction. These are things all of us should be taking seriously if we truly want to win the war on information because information is power and currency in cyberspace. You can change the world if you simply take control of the spaces in which you operate and learn how to use the tools that have been here for us all to use for a very long time now. The best parts of the Internet, are still free to use and offer greater power and control over your online presence if you simply take the time to learn to use them correctly.

A thought to consider moving into 2021.